2011 SOL Football Stats (11-18-11)

Check out the latest District One Football standings after seven weeks of action by clicking on the following link: http://district-one.net/general/footballinfo.htm

Stats for all the SOL teams have been posted by conference on a leaguelineup web site that is being maintained by PhillyBurbs.com through information received from teams as well as reporters who have staffed the games. To access the site and view the statistics for all the SOL squads, follow the instructions below:

NOTE:  The ‘standings’ default to overall records in order to include all the games in the statistics.

  • To view offensive stats, simply go to the box designated ‘Category’ and click on Offensive Leaders. Do the same thing to access Passing Leaders.
  • To view other SOL conferences and other leagues, go to the box designated ‘Division’ and click on the conference/league desired.

At the start of the 2011-12 school year, SuburbanOneSports.com entered into a media partnership with PhillyBurbs.com. This is one of what hopefully will be many new features visitors of both sites will be able to enjoy.