Bergey's Inc. SOL SHSHL Player of the Week: Ari Nordlinger

Bergey’s Inc.
SOL SHSHL Player of the Week

This recognition is sponsored by Bergey’s Inc. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches, and the recipient must be a positive presence on the ice and a credit to the game. Consideration also is given to the student-athlete’s standing in the school and community.

Ari Nordlinger – Senior, Upper Dublin High School
A member of the program since Upper Dublin became a pure varsity team, Nordlinger has been part of the team for three years and has been the team’s leading goal scorer all three years. The UD forward leads the team with 18 goals and 14 assists for 32 points in 11 games, but he is willing to play anywhere he is needed.

Note from the coach:
“Ari plays forward primarily between center and wing, but he’ll do anything to be out on the ice,” coach Anthony Richichi said. “He’s grown into a really good leader for us. It’s not just about – I’m a prima donna goal scorer. The last couple of years in particular, he’s been a really great presence on the bench as well as in the locker room. He’s definitely a vocal leader. Three years ago when we only had eight players, it was either he scored seven, eight goals a game or we didn’t have a chance to win. He’d be like, ‘Come on guys, you have to do something. I can’t do this all by myself,’ and it was kind of frustrating at times. Last year he came into the season a completely different kid – a lot more mature, a lot more grown up, and he was like, ‘Come on, guys, we’ve got this. Let’s not give up.’
“This season we’ve struggled a lot. We have a very young defense, and they’re now coming into their own. The goaltending is still up and down, but Ari, in particular lately, has been very positive – ‘Let’s not go home early.’ I think that’s had an impact on the boys, and it’s been good.”

About Ari:
Best memory playing high school hockey:
 My best memory was when our team got nominated to play in the Flyers Cup.
Part of the game I enjoy most:  My favorite part of hockey is that it is not an individual sport. Everyone has to work together as a team to win the game.
How did you get involved in hockey? I got involved when my childhood friend introduced me to the sport. I began playing on my first hockey team when I was just six years old.
My role model is:  Connor McDavid
Music on mobile device:  I enjoy listening to many different types of rap music.
Favorite food: Chicken Parm
Favorite class:  I’ve enjoyed the various history courses at my high school.
Future plans: My goal is to attend college and become a successful businessman.
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party:  Tfue, Wayne Gretzky, Barack Obama and Kylie Jenner.