Abington Trio to Play Collegiate Football

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Abington seniors Darryl Davis-McNeil, Jackson Taylor and Taji Redd were recognized for committing to continue their football careers at the collegiate level. Check back for photos of the event.

Darryl Davis-McNeil – Kutztown University (Football)
Sports Management
Reasons for choosing Kutztown:  “Kutztown was basically the only school I was considering. They showed a lot of love and support over the years. They stuck with me during my high school career and saw what I could contribute to the team. I like the campus and the coaching staff, and I like how they care about your life after college football. They have a lot of things to help you out in life after football.”
What was the progression that led you to playing football at the collegiate level?  “I always knew I wanted to play in college. I dreamed of going into the NFL one day.”
Coach Kevin Conlin says:  “Darryl Davis-McNeil is very explosive. He had a few games last fall with a couple hundred yards each game. He almost had two thousand yards his junior year, and he had over 1,200 yards his senior year. He scored on a lot of long touchdown runs. He’s just a very explosive player.”
About Darryl:
Favorite food:  
Favorite movie:  Black Panther
Favorite music:  R&B/Hip Hop

Taji Redd – Kutztown University (Football)
Actuarial Science
Final list of colleges:  Kutztown, East Stroudsburg
Reasons for choosing Kutztown:  “I chose Kutztown because it felt like a more natural environment with the coaches – the relationship wasn’t forced. It felt genuine, and as far as football goes, they said I could be moved around from safety to corner. I liked being moved around the field doing different things for the team.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in football at the collegiate level?  “College football was always there – there was never a doubt in my mind because growing up it was always engrained in my head that ‘you’re going to college.’ I like football and I want to go to school, and the two of them just naturally went together.”
Coach Kevin Conlin says:  “Taji Redd is a defensive back and wide receiver. He has a great personality, he’s an athletic player, and he’s a very physical tackler – all those kinds of things Kutztown is looking for.”
About Taji:
Favorite food: 
“My mom’s Chicken Alfredo.”
Favorite movie:  Gridiron Gang
Favorite music:  Hip Hop/Rap

Jackson Taylor – West Chester University (Football)
Final list of colleges:  West Chester, Kutztown, Shippensburg
Reasons for choosing West Chester:  “I just really liked the coaches. They came to see me a lot during the week, and the coaches called me every day, checking up on me, so I knew they wanted my best interests.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in football at the collegiate level?  “I knew I wanted to ever since I started playing football – that’s what guys talk about with your dad and brothers.”
Coach Kevin Conlin says:  “Jackson is a fullback/linebacker. What made him great is that he’s the most physical player that I’ve seen come around this area in a very long time, and that includes the whole league. He’s just a very physical at the point of attack.”
About Jackson:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Friday Night Lights
Favorite music:  Hip Hop