North Penn's Meiers Commits to Dive at Drexel

On Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018, North Penn senior Evan Meiers was recognized for committing to continue his diving career at Drexel University. To view photos of the event, please click on the following link:

Evan Meiers – Drexel University (Diving)

Major:  Health Sciences

Final list of colleges:  Drexel, UConn, Bucknell, Pitt

Reasons for choosing Drexel:  “I chose Drexel because I’ve always loved Philly, and I just love it there. I think the co-op system is crazy, and it’s going to set me up well.”

What was the progression that led you to diving at the collegiate level?  “I was actually split until this year on whether I wanted to or not. I just decided because it can get me into my dream school for less money, and I wasn’t done with diving yet.”

Favorite high school sports memory:  “My favorite memory was last year at districts when I placed fifth. It was just a good meet.”

Coach Kyle Goldchamp says:  “The moment Evan decided that he wanted to dive in college, it was a done deal. If you define your goals clearly, you will immediately be able to identify the steps you need to take to pursue that goal, and I’m really proud of  you for taking those steps. You’re smart, man, and you got all the tools you need to succeed, but that doesn’t mean the path will be easy. You know, it’s just the opposite. You will be tested, constantly challenged, and pushed to your limit. (You) gotta explore the limits if you want to discover new territory. Your resolve, your perseverance, your determination – they’ll all be contested. That’s how (you) know you’re on the right track. You will need to be resilient and persistent and gritty. And you are.
“Evan is our sole man, in the sense, he’s all we got, and he’s all we need. As was shown last year at the state championship, Ryley and our boys’ squad over there is on the rise, and Evan’s contribution on the board is critical to their success. Evan has responded to that challenge. I’m proud of (him). Drexel will be a nice fit for (him). I hope they appreciate (him) as much as we do. Good luck and congratulations.”

About Evan: 
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  The Godfather
Favorite music:  Post Malone