2021 SOL Girls' Lacrosse Milestones

SOL lacrosse players – despite losing the 2020 season to the COVID 19 pandemic – attained some notable milestones. Additional players will be added if they are received.



EMMA BAKER, Wissahickon,  Junior, 100 goals


Coach Jamie Kane says: Emma Baker is not only fast and powerful, but she combines those skills with excellent athleticism, intensity, and coordination.  I’ve seen her sprinting downfield and reaching back behind her, in the opposite direction of her speedy cut, with one hand, to keep a pass in play that wasn’t a lead pass.  There’s been several times where I I look at my assistant coach Alexis with wide eyes and say ‘well, that was impressive.’ She’s uses her right and left hand so interchangeably that it’s hard for defenders to try to take away her strong side.  All sides are strong on this girl.  Emma was named to the 2020 summer NXT Showcase All-Star Team. Her junior year she was first team All-SOL American, first team all-area, team MVP, and she was named to the 2021 All-America Highlight and was a PASLA All-Academic honoree. With 92 goals and 34 assists in one single season alone (she also led our SOL champ team in draws and assists), I think she’s proven exactly who she is and what kind of play she brings to the field.  She raises the level of play around her. I also say that I’m really happy I get to have her on our team, and grateful we aren’t playing against her! She’s hardworking, kind, and really fantastic at the game of lacrosse. 



KATE DOUGHERTY, New Hope-Solebury, Senior, 100 goals in 2019 (Finished career with 170 goals & 128 assists)


Coach Betsy Dougherty says:  “Kate was a dominant force for us in the midfield this season.  Her game is multi faceted, being equally strong on the offensive and defensive side of the field. She plays right and left handed and has had a huge impact to our team's success.  While her stats are impressive (60 goals, 46 assists), they do not fully tell the story of her role as a leader and motivator for our team.  No matter the game situation we are in, Kate remained poised and determined which greatly influenced her teammates.  She is solid, steady and a true team player.”



MAGGIE GOLDER, Pennsbury, Junior, 100 goals


Coach Shannon MacPherson says:  “Maggie has really stepped up and gives her all in our games.  She is such a dynamic player and for her to reach her 100th goal was very exciting.  Maggie scored her goal in our playoff game, and it was well deserved.  She has had some beautiful shots this season, and we look forward to having her back with us again next year.”




TAYLOR HOOD, Bensalem, Junior, 100 goals


Coach Morgan Buechner says:  “Taylor is only a junior, and I have her for both field hockey and lacrosse. I think that overcoming this COVID break is what did it for her and turned her into the player she was last year for not only the lacrosse program but the field hockey program as well. Just her ability to not let COVID stop her or slow her down and get motivated and change her mindset - I think that was the difference for her. Her mindset, her leadership and her want and drive – all three of those are a huge key. She doesn’t let anything bring her down. She only wants to get better for Bensalem.”



CARLEY IRVIN, Council Rock South, Senior, 100 goals


Coach Madison Hurwitz says:  “Carley is a two-time captain going on to play D1 lacrosse at Wofford College in South Carolina.  Carley won our Most Valuable Player award this year as well as our Midfielder of the Year and Most Versatile awards. Carley led our team in goals, assists, draw controls and ground balls, and she had 11 games where she scored five-plus goals. Carley is a leader on and off the field. She is dedicated, respectful and coachable.”



MAX LESZCZYNSKI, Plymouth Whitemarsh, Senior, 100 goals

Coach Ellen Reilly says:  “Max loves the game of lacrosse and it shows. Whether it’s doing wall ball outside her house or working out on the field, everything she has accomplished she has earned. She was a very important piece to our team this year, taking the draws, scoring and in transition.”






PAIGE MALPEZZI, Lower Moreland, Senior, 100 goals


Coach Jess Ashenbrenner says:  “Paige is an exceptional athlete and teammate. After an ACL tear at the start of her sophomore season and losing her junior year to COVID, we are especially proud of Paige for reaching this milestone. We will miss her next year!”









ELLA MARINO, Springfield Township, Senior, 100 goals


Coach Marissa Conover says:  “Ella scored 60 total goals between her freshman and sophomore year combined, and then was able to score 40-plus to make her 100 goal mark before graduating. Ella is truly talented - her speed and agility give her such an advantage on the field. Her lax IQ was so apparent especially when she would read the field and the players, sometimes three steps before plays would happen. She would simply run through and intercept because she was able to read the field. Her game was magical to watch.

“Both (Ella and Maddie Yoder) have excellent determination and ability. Their athletic talent has been such a pleasure to watch, coach, and be a part of their lacrosse career.”



JENN McCARRY, Upper Dublin, Senior, 100 goals


Coach Dee Cross says:  “Jenn McCarry always plays her heart out from start to finish.  Every team needs a Jenn McCarry.  She will do whatever we need to make the team better and does it with 100 percent effort every single time.  Since she was a freshman, she would answer, ‘Yes Coach,’ ‘Whatever you need Coach’ when asked to play a different position or take control of something.  She will truly be missed next year and we look forward to watching her play at UMass Lowell!”



RACHEL SAXTON, New Hope-Solebury, Senior, 100 goals


Coach Betsy Dougherty says:  “Rachel is just a phenomenal athlete. If there’s a loose ball to be had, she’s getting it. She’s got that intangible that you can’t coach, and it’s just so effective. She loves the game, she just loves sports, she loves to compete, she loves challenges and actually thrives on them.”





MADDY SPRATT, Pennsbury, Senior, 100 goals 


Coach Shannon MacPherson says:  “Maddy has been a leader for us on the field the past four years. With not having a season last year, she has really stepped up and played her heart out every minute.  Her 100th goal is such a great milestone, but Maddy is also so much more of a player and so fun to watch each time she steps on the field.  We will certainly miss her next season but wish her the best of luck at American.”








LILY SZILAGYI, North Penn, Senior, 100 goals


Coach Heather Mellow says:  “We were very excited for Lily to score her 100th goal on Senior Night. She was our rock offensively this year and will be missed immensely next year.”






MADDIE YODER, Springfield Township, Senior, 100 goals (Closed out her career with 199 goals)


Coach Marissa Conover says: “Maddie scored her 100th goal this season very early on, and then went on to score 110 goals this year alone. Maddie is a truly remarkable player, humble and a workhorse. I would have loved to see what her stats would have looked like if she was able to play her junior year. I think she would have made history.

Maddie was able to beat almost any player she was up against. Her draws, ball control, and shots were not only placed accurately every time, they were also shot with such force and determination. I would not have wanted to be Maddie’s defender!”



Fiona Henderson, Central Bucks East, Senior, Goalie, 300 saves


Coach Maggie Stella says:  Fiona Henderson is a senior leader for our CB East varsity team. Fiona is a wonderful person, and she is constantly giving her all every single day and her energy is contagious. It is known that she just wants to get better at the game, whether it be she’s attending goalie clinics, or asking for extra reps in practice, she is always growing. Fiona is committed to Kutztown University, where I know she will make an immediate impact on the program. Her 300th save and college commitment show that her hard work has paid off.”



Other performances of note:


Margot Haring, Central Bucks West, Sophomore, Goalie, 152 saves

The sophomore goalie - who did not have a freshman season due to the COVID-19 pandemic – recorded 152 saves in 17 regular season games.


Chole Herghelegiu, Abington, Senior, Goalie, 103 saves

The Ghosts senior goalie, who earned first team All-SOL Liberty Division honors, recorded 103 saves during the 2021 season.


Maddie Hinkle, Senior, Abington

The senior midfielder scored 85 goals this season.


Tess Talbot, Springfield Township, Freshman, Goalie, 150 saves

Coach Marissa Conover says:  “Tess, just a freshman, came in hot. She made 150 saves this year, a stat that beat a lot of the other older goalies this year. We continually received comments and questions, asking which college she was committed to, obviously D1. We always had to comment - she is a first-year freshman! There are so many additional aspects that go into goalies' games - mindset being a huge player. I think Tess did an incredible job coming into an ‘older’ team with lots of strong personalities. Tess' save percentage and goals will continue to be counted closely for the rest of her career. I can't wait to watch her grow over the next few years.”