Bergey's Inc. SHSHL Player of the Week: Robby DiCrosta

Bergey’s Inc.
SOL SHSHL Player of the Week

This recognition is sponsored by Bergey’s Inc. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches, and the recipient must be a positive presence on the ice and a credit to the game. Consideration also is given to the student-athlete’s standing in the school and community.


Robby DiCrosta, Senior, Harry S Truman High School

A four-year varsity player, DiCrosta – the lone senior on the roster – was the assistant captain last year and is the captain this year. The senior center – a versatile player who will fill in where needed - led the Tigers with 18 goals and 14 assists for 32 in 17 games played.


Note from the coach:
“We had a tough year this year, and in the beginning, and Robby tried to do too much,” coach Bill Keyser said. “When he realized he was trying to do too much and people were attracted to him, he realized that using his teammates and being bigger than what he is to move the puck and to get open and to be like a magician on the ice and disappear and be at the right spot at the right – then he would score a goal. We only won three games this year, but he is a huge, huge part of the reason we won the three games because he stayed out of the penalty box. He knows he’s a valuable player, and we needed him on the ice. He does acquire a lot of ice time. If there’s 48 minutes in the game, he’s acquiring at least 40 minutes of the game. He’s a great leader, a great mentor. In the middle of the year, he started coming around and started moving the puck and started relying on his teammates. Now they look for him to get him the puck. His leadership role has been awesome.”


About Robby:

Best memory playing high school hockey: Senior Night #robbynight  

Part of game I enjoy most:  Seeing my teammates enjoying the game as much as I do. 

How did you get involved in hockey? My dad and uncle both played hockey.

My role models is:  My Mom

Music on mobile device: 90s Rap

Favorite food: Gravy

Favorite class: Math

Future plans: Attend West Chester University

Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: 2PAC, The Rock, JFK and Kurt Cobain.



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