Bergey's Inc. SOL SHSHL Player of the Week: Coleman Peppelman

Bergey’s Inc.
SOL SHSHL Player of the Week

This recognition is sponsored by Bergey’s Inc. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches, and the recipient must be a positive presence on the ice and a credit to the game. Consideration also is given to the student-athlete’s standing in the school and community.

Coleman Peppelman – Senior, Lower Moreland High School
A six-year veteran of the program, Peppelman is a goal-scoring machine but is also comfortable playing defense. In 15 games, he had 41 goals and 26 assists for 67 points. He is an undisputed leader of a Lions’ squad that captured the SHSHL American Conference regular season title. Peppelman hopes to continue playing ice hockey at the collegiate level.

Note from the coach:
“Coleman plays forward or defense – the only thing he hasn’t tried is goaltending,” coach Gus Salfiti said. “He’s phenomenal. He works hard, he understands the game. His ability to control the puck is the key to everything. He has the foresight to make a move – he moves the puck one direction, he moves a different one, and they meet up on the other side by magic sometimes it seems. He has such great vision and ability to control the puck and protect the puck. His accuracy shooting is pretty darn good. He hits his spots more often than not. He’s willing to play three shifts a game.
“The natural athleticism he displays is just amazing – the balance he’s got, the ability to move on the ice. His skating is really what puts him above everybody else. Being able to balance himself and protect the puck because of the way he moves his feet and legs, it’s just amazing to watch. He’s the quarterback for the football team. He’s involved in sports. He gets intense, but he doesn’t get mean. I’ve only known him for five or six months, but I’m very impressed with the maturity level, the fun level he has, and that’s what it should be all about.
“This is my first year coaching this team, and when I saw him against us, it was tough to contain him. I’m just happy to be on this side now. He does it all. You can’t say enough about him. We never named captains, but he leads by example. He’s very smart. There’s very little coaching with him. The most I do is, ‘Coleman, just run a trap,’ or ‘Sit down, take a break.’ That’s basically my extent of coaching with him. It’s going to be a big hole to fill when he’s gone. Coleman is special, for sure.”


About Coleman:
Best memory playing high school hockey:  My best memory playing high school hockey was playing against my younger brother on ANC.
Part of the game I enjoy most:
I most enjoy helping my team succeed.
How did you get involved in hockey? I got involved in hockey when my mom signed me up for Bryn Athyn Youth Hockey as a kindergartner.
My role model is: Connor McDavid
Music on mobile device: I have lots of music on my iPod, but my top three to get me into the mode of the game would be “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, “Til I Collapse” by Eminem, and “Lucky You” by Eminen.
Favorite foods:  My favorite foods include Philly cheesesteaks, filet mignon and salmon.

Favorite class: Physical Education
Future plans:  I hope to play ice hockey at the next level at an undecided college/university.
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Eminem, Wayne Gretzky, Conor McGregor, and Nick Foles