Bergey's Inc. SOL SHSHL Player of the Week: Rex Goldberg

Bergey’s Inc.
SOL SHSHL Player of the Week

This recognition is sponsored by Bergey’s Inc. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches, and the recipient must be a positive presence on the ice and a credit to the game. Consideration also is given to the student-athlete’s standing in the school and community.

Rex Goldberg, Junior, Council Rock North High School

Rock North’s junior goalie has been a varsity starter since he joined the team as a freshman. Goalie stats are misleading in Goldberg’s case since he regularly faces between 40 and 50 shots a game. He boasts a save percentage of close to 80 percent and has been rock solid in goal for the Indians for the past three years. He plans to continue his ice hockey career at the collegiate level.


Note from the coach:
“Rex has been our starting goalie since the first game of his freshman year,” coach Chris Gallagher said. “That was a senior-laden team, and they embraced him with open arms. He was willing to accept that challenge, and it had to be intimidating playing against kids four years older than him. He did not shy away. Some of the saves that he made even back then were high quality highlight reel saves.

“Goals-against (stats) can really be misconstrued in the Suburban League because it doesn’t accurately display the caliber of goaltender or how effective he is. The way I describe it is – a lot of goalies may have a goals-against of one or zero because they’re saving 10 shots that aren’t coming from a high quality scoring area.

“Rex probably has 50 shots a game, and I would say on average 40 of those if not 45 of those shots are coming from what I would describe as a grade A scoring area. We’ve had a tough season, which we knew we were going to because of a very freshman-heavy team this year. It would be a disastrous season not a tough season if we didn’t have Rex in there. He actually welcomes the challenge – he knows it’s going to be practically a firing range on him every game, and he’s never shied away from that challenge.

“He’s a very quiet, soft-spoken kid. When you’re a goalie, you’re going to fail more often than you succeed, especially in the position he’s in. You have to take it as a grain of salt when you’re getting 40-50 shots a game. If you’re saving 80 percent of them, you’re doing an exceptional job. Almost inevitably after every game, the other coach is going to come up to me and say, ‘Your goalie played fantastic.’”


About Rex:

Best memory playing high school hockey: Throughout my time playing hockey for Council Rock North, I have experienced many great memories and special moments. My favorite memory was the Rock Cup my freshman year. It was a special moment because it had been the first I had ever played in front of a crowd of more than five hundred people and we almost won the game in a very difficult shootout.  

How did you get involved in hockey? At the age of four, I started to play on a light travel hockey team with my sister. 

My role model is: My Grandpa because of his hard work and determination throughout his life. He helped me with many personal moments in my life such as learning how to ride my bike, learning how to drive, sharing many fun moments at the drag races, winter classics, and many other things.

Music on mobile device: My favorite song is “Uptown Vibes” by Meek Mill

Favorite food: Margarita Pizza. 

Favorite class: Chemistry

Future plans: I plan to attend college and continue to play ice hockey. 

Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Sergei Bobrovsky, George Washington, Henry Ford, and my grandpa.


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