Millennium Highlighting SOL Girls' BB Player (1-31-17)

Basketball players from CB East, Pennridge, Souderton, Cheltenham & PW are featured.

Millennium Administrators
Highlighting…SOL Girls’ Basketball Players

This recognition is sponsored by Millennium Administrators. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches.

Continental Conference Millennium Administrators Highlighted Players
Grace Stewart, Senior, Central Bucks East High School
Note from the coach:
“Grace is a four-year varsity player, a three-year starter and captain this season,” coach Liz Potash said. “She has been an integral part of the program both on and off the court during my tenure at East. Grace is a hard working, dedicated and responsible person; she is everything that East basketball represents.
“Grace has grown into a leader in the program over the past four years; she was with a group of classmates that were asked to step into starting positions as sophomores following the graduation of a senior dominated class during her freshman year. Grace has fulfilled this role with the utmost determination and effort; she will be sorely missed next year. Grace has set a great example for future Lady Patriots to follow her lead for many years to come.”
About Grace:
Best memory playing basketball:  In the first round of districts last year, we were the 22nd seed, and we knocked off the ninth seed. I knew we had the ability to win, and I was so proud of the team accomplishment. The pure happiness and excitement felt by the team, our coaching staff and cheering crowd was priceless.
Part of the game I enjoy most: Defense is the part of the game I enjoy the most. The strength of defense isn't captured in a box score – because you cannot measure HEART.  I’ve always been told: Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. 
My role model is: My mom. She has dedicated endless hours to support me and my academic and athletic activities. She has endlessly encouraged me to follow my dreams and taught me to appreciate the small things.  I appreciate her and value her opinions more than anybody, and that is why she is my role model.
Music that gets me pumped before games: Anything with a good beat that I can sing to (I wish I was a better singer than I actually am).
Favorite Food: Sweet Potato Fries
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Martin Luther King Jr., Elena Delle Donne, Walt Disney, and Princess Diana.

Claire Podraza, Senior, Pennridge High School
Note from the coach:

“Claire is a three-year varsity player and the only senior on the team,” coach Mike Elton said. “Claire, who is one of our captains, is a pleasure to coach and one of our leaders on and off the court. She applies her understanding of the game to helping those around her, particularly our younger and inexperienced players. She has really helped us maintain a positive attitude throughout the season.”
About Claire:
Best memory playing basketball: Playing under the lights on Second Street with my best friends for Summer League
Part of the game I enjoy most:  The anticipation of the unexpected
My role model is: My mom
Music that gets me pumped before games: Rap
Favorite food: Ice Cream
Favorite TV show: Shameless
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party:  Blake Lively, Joel Embiid, Aly Raisman, Zac Efron

Cara Romaniello, Senior, Souderton Area High School
Note from the coach:
“Cara is an extremely hard-working athlete,” coach Lynn Carroll said. “I think she's incapable of going less than 100 percent, and she helps set the tone for what it means to work hard. She challenges her teammates during practice and pushes them to get the most out of each drill or scrimmage. She's been a vocal leader in the locker room and offers good insight at halftime and after games.”
About Cara:
Best memory playing basketball:  Getting a varsity spot as a sophomore
Part of the game I enjoy most:  Defense
My role model is: Vincent Lombardi
Music that gets me pumped before games: Instrumentals or anything with a lot of bass to it
Favorite food:  Crab
Favorite TV show: Leverage
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Carrier Fisher, Mark Hamill

American Conference Millennium Administrators Highlighted Players
Nashira Brown, Senior, Cheltenham High School
Note from the coach:
"Nashira is a four-year starter for the Lady Panthers,” coach Brendan Nolan said. “When she was a freshman, I told her that I was putting her in a position that she was not necessarily prepared for, but she would benefit from the experience in the long run.  She accepted the challenge and carried herself through pressure situations with poise. 
“During her tenure with the team, she has always done the things that don't show up in the stat sheet: setting screens, boxing out taller girls, taking charges and being a physical presence down low.  Her assists are up this year as she has taken on a new role of setting up her frontcourt mates. 
“Nashira has been a team captain for two seasons and has grown into a leader on and off the court.  Whether she is talking on defense, or helping a jayvee player with a post move, Nashira is always willing to help her teammates. It has been a pleasure to be a part of her growth and we will miss her greatly next season.”
About Nashira:
Best memory: Freshman year gave me many highlighting memories. The best memory about that year was being put in the starting line up for varsity. I felt as though even though I still had a lot to learn as the years progressed, I was recognized for the skills I currently had, and as a freshman, that was a huge accomplishment for me. 
Part of the game I enjoy the most: I enjoy the bond we keep in games. As a team, everyone is accountable for a mistake, not just one person. Aside from the usual enjoyment of scoring or boxing someone out to power up for a layup, I adore the fact that when a mistake is made all five girls take the blame and we come together as a team to work the issue out and encourage one another that it won't happen again. 
My role model is: Ever since the sixth grade, I've looked up to Maya Moore. Basketball isn't something I wish to pursue as a career once I'm older like Maya Moore, but I love how passionate she is about her game along with the way she carries herself as a lady. She has always stood out to me. 
Music that gets me pumped before a game: I feel I am the complete opposite when it comes to music that gets me pumped before a game. I prefer to listen to old school slow jam music. Artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Ginuwine.
Favorite Food: I'm in love with fruit. There are no particular fruits that are my favorite, but I love anything in the category of fruit.
Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show is Empire
Four people I'd invite to a dinner party: My mother, father, grandmother, and Michelle Obama. My family supports me through any and everything. They have made me to the person I am today. As far as Michelle Obama goes, I would want her to come to hear her story and talk to her a bit about my career path and goals. I feel as though she continuously gives a good insight on a lot, and I would love to actually sit down and have a conversation with her. 

Lauren Coscia, Senior, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School
Note from the coach:
“Lauren is a captain and epitome of a player who has gotten better every year of high school,” coach Daniel Dougherty said. “She didn't play basketball as an eighth grader, so when we got her as a ninth grader, we were starting with a clean slate. Each year, Lauren has grown in skill and confidence. This past summer, we saw an enormous jump in her confidence and communication on the floor as a real leader in our team defense.  Her teammates voted her captain, and she has flourished in that role.  One of the best things I can say about Lauren is how she always keeps working, keeps smiling, and makes coaching enjoyable. In this day and age, that is becoming depressingly more rare.  She is continuing her two-sport career (volleyball and basketball) at Cabrini next year, we are excited to see her continue improving.”
About Lauren:
Best memory playing basketball: When we beat Upper Dublin for the second time at their gym. 
Part of the game I enjoy most: My favorite part of the game is having a great team with great teamwork. 

My role model is:  My Mom because she has always done so much for me. And she has helped me with anything I did. 
Music that gets me pumped before games:  I listen to a variety of music but mostly rap and hip hop
Favorite food: My favorite food is pizza
Favorite TV show: My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party:  
Joel Embid
My Grandmother
Michelle Obama
Walt Disney