Millennium Highlighting SOL Girls' BB Players (2-5-19)

Basketball players from Harry S Truman, CB East, North Penn & Cheltenham are recognized.

Millennium Administrators
Highlighting…SOL Girls’ Basketball Players

This recognition is sponsored by Millennium Administrators. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches.

National Conference Millennium Administrators Highlighted Player
Daisha Campbell, Junior, Harry S Truman High School
Note from the coach:
“Daisha always wants to learn, and she always wants to get better,” coach Collette Munford said. “That’s been ever since I’ve known her when she was in first grade. She has a huge heart. You may see her yell at the girls, but later you’ll see her laughing and talking. She tells them, ‘I just want you to understand - if my voice is loud, don’t take it as me yelling at you. I just want you to get it right.’ She really does love basketball.
“When she was in first grade, I was doing a dribble – I forget what it was, and she said, ‘Show me that,’ so I showed her. At the next practice two days later, she came and she was doing it. I was like, ‘Whoa, this girl might be something.’ She just wanted to learn everything, and that’s why she is where she is. There is some pressure on her because the community that follows her and comes to watch her – they want to see her go somewhere and they can say, ‘I know that girl.’ Her personality is great. I can’t say anything bad about her. The girls look up to her – what she does, they want to try. She has a younger fan base. I have a fifth grade team, and Daisha is their super girl. They idolize Daisha. Playing on this team that isn’t winning games, she’s still trying to maintain and keep it together and stay optimistic about next year. We do have almost a mother-daughter relationship, and we do have those moments, but if you want to weigh it, there is no bad because the good totally outweighs the bad. She’s a great girl.”
About Daisha:
Best memory playing basketball: My best memory while playing basketball is when I hit 36 points in one game! I was really going hard trying to get that W.

Part of the game I enjoy the most:  The part of the game I enjoy the most is executing plays with my team and building chemistry with each other.
My role model is: Skylar Diggins
Music that gets me pumped before games: Meek Mill is an artist that I listen to before games. His music gets me going and game ready. The song I always listen to is “100 Summers”
Favorite food: My favorite food has to be Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo.
Favorite TV show:Riverdale
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Zendaya Stoermer Coleman, Aaliyah Haughton, Skylar Diggins, and my older sister Jayda Campbell.

Continental Conference Millennium Administrators Highlighted Players
Skylar Krause, Senior, Central Bucks East High School
Note from the coach:

“Sky is a great ‘program kid,’” coach Liz Potash said. “She has been a part of the program for the past four years at both the junior varsity and varsity levels and has improved each year and is currently in the middle of a great season.  Sky is as dedicated and hard working as they come, never taking a play off at practice or during games whether it's in season or offseason.  Even as a guard, she is leading the team in offensive rebounds, never afraid to dive or go air born for a loose ball.  Sky has done a great job as a captain this season, serving as a leader on and off the floor both through her play and her vocal leadership.  One of the greatest memories I'll have of Sky after she graduates does not come from her play, although there have been many notable highlights, it will be of her work each summer with our campers in grades two through three.  Sky is an absolute rock star to those little girls; it is such a pleasure to watch her work with that group each year at camp passing her love of the game onto them.”
About Skylar:
Best memory playing basketball: Hitting the buzzer beater to beat CB South and beating CB West for the first time in five years all in my senior year. 
Part of the game I enjoy most: Being part of a team because it’s like having a second family that is there for you no matter what.
My roles models are: My parents
Music that gets me pumped before games: Sicko Mode by Travis Scott

Favorite food: Any kind of pasta 
Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy 
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Joel Embid, Adam Sandler, Skylar Diggins, Jimmy Fallon 

Alayna Faison, Senior, North Penn High School
Note from the coach:

“Alayna is a consummate team player,” coach Jen Carangi said. “She is one of our captains this year and can always be counted on to do whatever the team needs. Alayna is a great student and an outstanding athlete, a member of both the girls’ basketball and track teams. This past October, Alayna was selected as Homecoming Queen at North Penn, which only demonstrates how highly her classmates think of her.  We are proud to have Alayna representing the North Penn girls’ basketball team.”
About Alayna:
Best memory playing basketball: The locker room and bus ride hype with my team before games.
Part of the game I enjoy the most: The encouragement and constructive criticism I get from my teammates and coaches. Even though I mess up I know I can count on them to bring me up, and I will never hesitate to do the same for them. 
My role model is: Not just one person but the adults, coaches, and friends that I have grown up with my entire life. They have shaped my personality to be passionate, determined, and competitive. They all taught me many lessons that will always be apart of my character, not only as a player but as a human being. 
Music that gets me pumped before the game: Fast-paced songs that I can sing and dance along to. 
Favorite food: Popcorn
Favorite TV Show: House
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Cleopatra, Zendaya, Allen Iverson, and Flo Jo.

American Conference Millennium Administrators Highlighted Player
Madison Rorer, Senior, Cheltenham High School
Note from the coach:
“Madison is the prime example of a hardworking student-athlete,” coach Ben Bowman said. “Not only does she excel in the classroom, but she is also dedicated to improving her game on the court. Madison has been a multi-sport athlete throughout high school and has done an incredible job of leading her teammates, showing up every day ready to work, and participating in team fundraisers. Madison is a co-captain on the basketball team and has shown so much growth throughout the season. She gained a lot of confidence in her shooting abilities, and everyone knew Madison would bring a lot of energy on the defensive end of the court. It never mattered the opponent our team faced or the outcome of previous games; Madison always showed up ready to play and battle to the end. Madison truly shows Panther Pride on a daily basis and she will be missed next year.”
About Madison:
Best memory playing basketball: My best memory is when we played PW at home this year. It was the best game we’ve played together as a team, and we competed and battled with them through all four quarters.
Part of the game I enjoy the most: Being on the court with my teammates
My role model is: Allen Iverson because he always played with heart
Music that gets me pumped before games: “Keanu Reeves” by Logic
Favorite food: Buffalo Wings
Favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars
Four people I’d invite to a dinner party: Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, my mom and dad