Pennsbury Swim & Dive at SOLs Recap (Submitted by Pennsbury Swimming/Diving)


(Submitted by Pennsbury Swimming/Diving)


The Falcons swim team battled at the Patriot Division SOL Championships, hosted by Council Rock North. The Boys team finished third in the conference, after Neshaminy and Council Rock North. A majority of them not only achieving personal bests, but crushed their best times. The girls swam to victory as we knew they would. They were focused and ready to protect their title, and protect it they did! Every Pennsbury girl dropped time and swam unbelievable times. As a result, the SOL Girls’ title belongs to Pennsbury for the second year in a row.



Notable performances include:

  • 200 FR:
    • Girls -A sweep! 1st-Mackenzie Cicco, 2nd-Emily Cicco, and 3rd-Keira Walsh
    • Boys-2nd for Boys-Kian Hecht
  • 200 IM:
    • Girls - 4th-Ashley Martillotti
    • Boys - 5th-Jacob Strockoz and 6th-Andrew Thau
  • 50 FR:
    • Girls - 1st-Valerie Lawton
    • Boys - 2nd-Jacob Cohen
  • 1M Diving:
    • Girls – 1st place Kassidy Georgevich, 3rd place- Karlie von Schmidt, & 4th-Izzy Stackawitz
    • Boys - 1st-Luke Prada and 2nd-Will Ferris
  • 100 FL:
    • Girls - 2nd-Mackenzie Cicco
  • 200 FR Relay:
    • Girls - 1st-Maggie Sweitzer, Keira Walsh, Mackenzie Cicco, Valerie Lawton
    • Boys - 3rd-Jacob Strockoz, Sam Bevington, Kian Hecht, Jacob Cohen
  • 100 FR:
    • Girls - 1st-Valerie Lawton and 3rd-Maggie Sweitzer
    • Boys - 4th-Jacob Cohen
  • 500 FR:
    • Girls-1st-Keira Walsh and  3rd-Emily Cicco
    • Boys-1st-Kian Hecht
  • 100 BK:
    • Girls-3rd-Reagan Ward
  • 100 BR:
    • Girls-4th-Ashley Martillotti
    • Boys-3rd- Jacob Strockoz and 4th-Andrew Thau
  • 400 FR Relay:
    • Girls-3rd-Maggie Sweitzer, Keira Walsh, Mackenzie Cicco, Valerie Lawton
    • Boys-3rd-Jacob Strockoz, Andrew Thau, Kian Hecht, Jacob Cohen


District Championships were held at York YMCA and high school. The following athletes from Pennsbury Swim & Dive Team have consideration times/points:

Sam Bevington, Emily Cicco, Mackenzie Cicco, Jacob Cohen, Will Ferris, Kassidy Georgevich, Kian Hecht, Valerie Lawton, Luke Prada, Jacob Strockoz, Maggie Sweitzer, Andrew Thau, Keira Walsh, Reagan Ward


Go Falcons!