Results - Eastern PA State Qualifiers - Feb 11, 2009

On wednesday February 11 th the Eastern Pa State Qualifiers were held at Brunzwick Zone lanes in Feasterville for the American Conference.

In the American conference for each the boys and girls the top 12 averages automatically qualified for the Eastern State  regionals

Girls                                                                  Boys
Sara Kinsey                -  Norristown                       Gordon Murphy      - Norristown
JANINE RYBARCZYK  -  NORTH PENN                 Justin Platt           -Hatboro Horsham
Hannah Bogedain       -   Norristown                        Ryan Ross          - Pennridge
JENNA THOMAS       -  NORTH PENN                   Josh Taylor          - Plymouth Whitemarsh

Krista Walton            -  Hatboro Horsham                Mike Hoult           - Norristown
Amy Costello            -  Plymouth Whitemarsh         Adam Bencan       -Upper Dublin
KASEY DIETRICH      - NORTH PENN                    Chris Hammes      -Plymouth Whitemarsh
KAYLA UCCELLETTI  - NORTH PENN                    Zak Holak            -Norristown
BRITTANY GEORGE  -NORTH PENN                     Chris Cuthbertson -Plymouth Whitemarsh
Emma Witman           -Hatboro Horsham                 DYLAN HARRIS   - NORTH PENN
Rachel Brown            -Upper Dublin                        Chris Shock         -Norristown
Lauren Enslin            - Plymouth Whitemarsh          KEVIN VARELL   -NORTH PENN

There were three spots available to gain a berth for States in the tournament out of 56 bowlers for both the girls and boys .
GIRLS                                                                                       BOYS
1ST Place    Becky Winterberg - Upper morland   (512 series)          CHUCK KNOWER  -NORTH PENN  ( 661 series)
2 nd Place   Gaby Breslin         -Upper Moreland  (504 series)          MIKE GARBARINO- NORTH PENN  ( 649 series)
3rd  Place    Lindsay Resnick   -Upper Dublin       (501 series)          Jon Algeo               -Pennridge        (620 series)


   Girls                                                      Boys
1ST PLACE     NORTH PENN                  NORRISTOWN
                                       3RD PLACE    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH

Eastern Regionals will be held on FEB 27-28,Mar 1 at Jordan and Parkway lanes in Allentown