SHSHL Ice Hockey Wrap (Week of 1-16-23)

Check out the recaps for SHSHL ice hockey teams in action last week.

Thursday, Jan. 19

Nicholas Hahn (1 goal, 3 assists) and Lucas Siomos (3 goals, 1 assist) had four-point games to lead the Indians to the win at Grundy.
Drew Borden’s power play goal 2:40 into the third period with assists from Zach Weissman and Hahn broke a 6-6 tie and turned out to be the game-winner. Siomos (Hahn assist) added an insurance goal midway through the period.
The two teams spent the first two periods exchanging goals. Karson Grainey (Siomos/Drew Borden assists) and Hahn scored consecutive goals to spot the Indians a 2-0 lead just over three minutes into the game. The Owls answered with goals by Justin Rapone (Alex Hood assist) and Hood (Lucas Gonzalez assist) to even the score. Drew Borden used Ryan Keil/Karson Grainey assists to go on top 3-2, but Hood’s unassisted goal evened the score 3-3.
It was more of the same in the second period with the Owls taking a 5-3 lead after goals by Hood and Gonzalez. Siomos scored to pull the Indians to within one, but Hood got that goal back, using a Danny Klein assist. The Indians evened the score again, thanks to goal by Siomos and Grainey (Hahn assist). Grainey’s goal in the final minute of the period knotted the score 6-3 heading into the final period.
Council Rock North     3-3-2   8
Bensalem                    3-3-0   6
Shots: CRN 35, Bensalem 19. Saves: Noah Epstein (CRN) 12, Ricky Gonzalez (B) 27.
First period: 1. Karson Grainey CRN (Lucas Siomos/Drew Borden) 0:28; 2. Nicholas Hahn CRN (Zach Weissman) 3:10; 3. Justin Rapone B (Alex Hood) 5:35; 4. Alex Hood B (Lucas Gonzalez) 6:08; 5. Drew Borden CRN (Ryan Keil/Karson Grainey) 9:52; 6. Alex Hood B, 12:32.
Second period: 7. Alex Hood B, 0:23; 8. Lucas Gonzalez B, 4:52; 9. Lucas Siomos CRN, 8:58; 10. Alex Hood B (Danny Klein) 9:13; 11; Lucas Siomos CRN, 11:08; 12. Karson Grainey CRN 9Nicholas Hahn) 16:36.
Third period: 13. Drew Borden CRN (Zach Weissman/Nicholas Hahn) 2:40; 14. Lucas Siomos CRN (Nicholas Hahn) 8:17.

The Falcons opened up a 2-0 lead after one period, but the rest of the game belonged to the Golden Hawks, who outscored the Falcons 6-1 the rest of the way.
Brendan Macainsh scored both Pennsbury goals in the opening period. Justin Marlin assisted on the first, and Andrew Falkenstein and Chris Sarver assisted on the second.
Pennsbury’s 2-0 lead disappeared in a second period that saw the Golden Hawks erupt for four goals. Kevin Koles scored back-to-back goals in a four-minute span – both with Blaize Pepe assists. Pepe’s power play goal with an assist from Illia Mukhin was followed by a Jagger Smith goal with assists from Jake Maurer and Jordan Sarne.
Rock South took a 4-2 lead into the third period. Macainsh broke the Golden Hawks’ run with an assist from Falkenstein to make it a one-goal game. The Golden Hawks answered with a goal by Gavin Nisenzon, and Koles’ empty net goal with an assist from Pepe gave Rock South a 6-3 lead.
Carlos Lopez (24 saves) earned the win in goal.
Council Rock South     0-4-2   6
Pennsbury                   2-0-1   3
Shots: CRS 31, Pennsbury 27. Saves: Carson Lopez (CRS) 24, Aaron McDaniel (P) 15.
First period: 1. Brendan Macainsh P (Justin Marlin) 9:25; 2. Brendan Macainsh P (Andrew Falkenstein/Chris Sarver) 12:13.
Second period: 3. Kevin Koles CRS (Blaize Pepe) 4:58; 4. Kevin Koles CRS (Blaize Pepe) 8:35; 5. Blaize Pepe CRS (Eillia Mukhin) 15:26; 6. Jagger Smith CRS (Jake Maurer/Jordan Sarne) 16:42.
Third period: 7. Brendan Macaiinsh P (Andrew Falkenstein) 6:52; 8. Gavin Nisenzon CRS, 13:19; 9. Kevin Koles CRS (Blaize Pepe) 15:15.

The Ghosts continued their dominance in American Conference action, reeling off five straight goals after the Panthers knotted the score 2-2 to earn the big win. Eight Abington players contributed to the scoring.
Five minutes into the game, the Ghosts had a 2-0 lead, thanks to goals from Owen Adamski (Brian Murdoch assist) and Sam Paulik (Griffin Carpenter assist). Jack Diliberto’s goal 9:16 into the period with a Josh Tolchin assist made it a 2-1 game after one period.
Lucas Cunnane (Cole Slemmer assist) scored three minutes into the second period to even the score, but the Ghosts closed out the period with three straight goals – two by Ian Heydt, the first a power play goal with assists from Sam Abramson and Matthew Kramer and the second with a Kramer assist. Kramer’s goal with an Abramson assist late in the period made it a 5-2 game.
In the third period, Paulik (Seamus Donofry assist) and Carpenter (Heydt assist) each added a goal.
Abington goalie Sam Nemec turned away 39 of 41 shots in a winning effort between the pipes.
Quakertown                1-1-0   2
Abington                     2-3-2   7
Shots: Quakertown 41, Abington 45. Saves: Matthew Krem (Q) 38, Sam Nemec (A) 39.
First period: 1. Owen Adamski A (Brian Murdoch) 3:41; 2. Sam Paulik A (Griffin Carpenter) 4:56; 3. Jack Diliberto Q (Josh Tolchin) 9:16.
Second period: 4. Lucas Cunnane Q (Cole Slemmer) 2:58; 5. Ian Heydt A (Sam Abramson/Matthew Kramer) 4:56; 6. Ian Heydt A (Matthew Kramer) 8:53; 7. Matthew Kramer A (Sam Abramson) 15:10.
Third period: 8. Sam Paulik (Seamus Donofry) 2:49; 9. Griffin Carpenter A (Ian Heydt) 11:58.

Corey Kosick scored two goals and assisted on two others to lead the Patriots to the win at Hatfield Ice.
Seth Grossman’s unassisted goal late in the opening period gave the Indians a short-lived lead. Stephen DiRugeris knotted the score with a Kosick assist a minute later.
In the second period, the Patriots scored back-to-back goals by Carter Keiser (Charlie Keiser/DJ Brown assists) and Gavin Widmer (Kosick/DiRugeris assists) to go on top 3-1. The Indians answered with unassisted goals by Jacob Chow and Matthew Malanga. Kosick’s goal 9:57 into the period with assists from DiRugeris and Drew Trask gave the Patriots a lead they would not lose.
East tacked on a pair of goals in the third period. Charlie Keiser scored with an assist from Owen Brackbill, and Kosick’s power play goal with a Brown assist gave the Patriots their final margin of victory.
East’s Matt Mangiacapre earned the win in goal, turning away 28 shots.
Central Bucks East      1-3-2   6
Souderton                   1-2-0   3
Shots: CBE 6, Souderton 3. Saves: Matt Mangiacapre (CBE) 28, Noah Connor 9S) 30.
First period: 1. Seth Grossman S, 13:30; 2. Stephen DiRugeris CBE (Corey Kosick) 14:43.
Second period: 3. Carter Keiser CBE (Charlie Keiser/David ‘DJ’ Brown) 1:52; 4. Gavin Widmer CBE (Corey Kosick/Stephen DiRugeris) 2:05; 5. Jacob Chow S, 5:19; 6. Matthew Malanga S, 6:32; 7. Corey Kosick CBE (Stephen DiRugeris/Drew Trask) 9:57.
Third period: 8. Charlie Keiser CBE (Owen Brackbill) 8:52; 9. Corey Kosick CBE (David ‘DJ’ Brown) 16:41.

The Trojans and Colonials were deadlocked 4-4 entering the fourth period. David Branigan’s goal 1:28 into the final period with assists from Matthew Flynn and Conlan Carpenter put the Colonials on top, but Aidan Brooks goal just over a minute later knotted the score. Midway through the period Griffin Lynch turned a Konrad Foulk pass into a goal that turned out to be the game-winner.
In the opening period, the Trojans took a 3-1 lead. Jack Raeberger (Foulk assist) scored just over a minute into the game, but Matthew Flynn answered. Raeberger’s second goal with assists from Nolan Pounds and Foulk was followed by a goal from Pounds (Raeberger/Aiden Brooks assists) that gave the Trojans’ a two-goal advantage. Branigan scored to cut that lead to one, using assists from Flynn and Dylan Novitski to pull the Colonials to within one.
Jeffrey Mencken (Jacob Elgart assist) and Timothy Murphy scored back-to-back goals to open the second period to give the Colonials a 4-3 lead. Aiden Brooks’ power play goal with a Foulk assist knotted the score 4-4, setting the stage for the dramatic finish.
Foulk’s four assists led the Trojans.
Wissahickon’s Fletcher Lynch was credited with 25 saves in goal.
Wissahickon                            3-1-2.  6
Plymouth Whitemarsh           2-2-1.  5
Shots: Wissahickon 31, PW 30. Saves: Fletcher Lynch (W) 25, Christopher Maslij (PW) 25.
First period: 1. Jack Raebiger W (Konrad Foulk) 1:18; 2. Matthew Flynn PW, 1:26; 3. Jack Raeberger W (Nolan Pounds/Konrad Foulk) 4:35; 4. Nolan Pounds W (Jack Raebiger/AidenBrooks) 14:47; 5. David Branigan PW (Matthew Flynn/Dylan Novitski) 16:19.
Second period: 6. Jeffrey Mencken PW (Jacob Elgart) 2:46; 7. Timothy Murphy PW, 3:43; 8. Aiden Brooks W (Konrad Foulk) 9:14.
Third period: 9. David Branigan Pw (Matthew Flynn/Conlan Carpenter) 1:28; 10. Aiden Brooks W, 2:59; 11. Griffin Lynch W (Konrad Foulk) 8;47.

Wednesday, Jan. 18

(Ben Reese covered all the action. Check out his game story: )

The Golden Hawks dominated play in Wednesday’s shutout win, and only the remarkable 55-save effort of West goalie Liam Rogers kept the Bucks in it for the better part of three periods.
Rock South took 29 shots in the opening period while the Bucks had none, but the Golden Hawks led by just a 2-0 score, thanks to goals Jeremy Rayher (James Dilulio/Jake Weiner assists) and Jordan Sarne (Bobby Gilbert/Ilya Kudzinau assists).
In the second period, Rayher (Daniel Filippov assist) scored six minutes into the second period, and Filippov’s short-handed goal late in the period made it a 4-0 game.
Blaize Pepe scored 1:28 into the second period with an assist from Gavin Nisenzon. Jeremy Rayher (Weiner/Kevin Koles assist) closed out the scoring with a goal midway through the period.
Rock South goalie Carson Lopez turned away all 14 shots he faced in the shutout win. The Golden Hawks held a 61-14 advantage in shots.
Central Bucks West     0-0-0.  0
Council Rock South     2-2-2.  6
Shots: CBW 14; CRS 61. Saves: Liam Rogers (CBW) 55, Carson Lopez (CRS) 14.
First period: 1. Jeremy Rayhew CRS (James Dilulio/Jake Weiner) 5:40; 2. Jordan Sarne CRS (Bolbby Gilbert/Ilya Kudzinau) 13:46.
Second period: 3. Jeremy Rayher CRS (Daniel Filippov) 6:02; 4. Daniel Filippov CRS, 12:33.
Third period: 5. Blaize Pepe CRS (Gavin Nisenzon) 1:28; 6. Jeremy Rayher CRS (Jake Weiner/Kevin Koles) 8:36.

Max Gallagher (4 goals, 3 assists) and Nolan Geria (2 goals, 5 assists) had seven-point nights to lead an explosive Redskin offense, combining for six goals and eight assists. Daniel McColgan also had a productive night, adding a five-point game with two goals and three assists.
Gallagher collected the hat trick in the opening period. His first goal 49 seconds into the period with assists from Geria and McColgan turned out to be the game-winner. His second goal was assisted by Geria and AJ Dougherty, and his third – on a power play – was assisted by Geria.
The second period included back-to-back goals by Geria – the first assisted by Gallagher and the second with an assist from Noah Seewagen. McColgan added a pair – the first with assists from Gallagher and Geria and the second with a Geria assist. Jack Halloran (McColgan assist) and Gallagher (Jacob Adam assist) each added a goal.
Neshaminy goalie Aidan Hullings turned away all 11 shots he faced in the shutout win.
Neshaminy                  4-6-0.  10
Bensalem                    0-0-0.   0
Shots: Neshaminy 40, Bensalem 11. Saves: Aidan Hullings (N) 11, Ricky Gonzalez (B) 30.
First period: 1. Max Gallagher N (Nolan Geria/Daniel McColgan) 0:49; 2. Max Gallagher N (Nolan Geria/AJ Dougherty) 2:21; 3. Michael Knipple N (Max Gallagher/Daniel McColgan) 3:05; 4. Max Gallagher N (Nolan Geria) 15:00.
Second period: 5. Nolan Geria N (Max Gallagher) 0:28; 6. Nolan Geria N (Noah Seewagen) 4:32; 7. Jack Halloran N (Daniel McColgan) 6:57; 8. Daniel McColgan N (Max Gallagher/Nolan Geria) 7:55; 9. Max Gallagher N (Jacob Adami) 11:16; 10. Daniel McColgan N (Nolan Geria) 12:13.
Third period: No Score

Nathan Nemchinov scored two goals and assisted on four others to lead Tennent/HH to the no-doubt-about-it win. Quinn Morena added two goals and three assists in a five-point game, and Darius Graziani contributed a hat trick and one assist.
Tennent/HH led 2-1 after one period. Graziani scored with a Nemchinov assist, and then Morena found the net with an assist from Jimmy Cortez. The Spartans made it a 2-1 game after a Lucas Davidson power play goal. That would be their last hurrah as Tennent/HH scored nine unanswered goal to earn the mercy rule win.
Cortez finished with a goal and assist while Travis Ribikauskas, Connor Smith and Nathaniel Silberman each scored one goal. Contributing one assist each were Brody Coughlin and Domenick Pedone.
Springfield                                           1-0-0.  1
William Tennent/Hatboro-Horsham  2-7-2.  11
Shots: Springfield 20, Tennent/HH 28 Saves: Saves: Liam Baskin (S) 17, Charolete Reeves (WT/HH) 19.
First period: 1. Darius Graziani WT/HH (Nathan Nemchinov) 4:12; 2. Quinn Morena WT/HH (Jimmy Cortez) 14:57; 3. Lucas Davidson S, 14:57.
Second period: 4. Quinn Morena WT/HH (Nathan Nemchinov/Darius Graziani) 2:48; 5. Nathan Nemchinov WT/HH (Quinn Morena) 3:40; 6. Connor Smith WT/HH (Brody Coughlin) 4:03; 7. Darius Graziani WT/HH (Quinn Morena) 8:46; 8. Travis Ribikauskas WT/HH, 10:04; 9. Nathan Nemchinov WT/HH (Quinn Morena/Domenick Pedone) 11:22; 10. Darius Graziani WT/HH (Nathan Nemchinov) 15:42.;
Third period: 11. Jimmy Cortez WT/HH (Nathan Nemchinov) 1:20; 12. Nathaniel Silberman WT/HH, 2:58.