SOL District One Boys' Swimming Wrap (3-3-17)


North Penn boys’ team captured the District One 6A title. Check out all the SOL’s top performances. Photos provided courtesy of Kim Supko. Check back for a gallery of photos.

It was a race for the ages.

And it was a great result for North Penn.

Sean Faikish and Aidan Daly, both from North Penn, finished one-two in the 500-yard freestyle with just .01 separating them to cap off the District One Class AAA boys swimming championships on Saturday at La Salle University’s Kirk Pool.

Faikish posted a time of 4:33.59, just .02 shy of the district record, while Daly touched in 4:33.60. Emils Jurcik of Kennett was just behind them with a 4:34.90.

“All year long we’ve been training together,” Faikish said. “We’ve had each other’s back the whole wa, so I’m just glad we got the top two spots. It’s just awesome. It was great race.

“Going into states now I have a lot of confidence, but I know there’s a lot of competitors out there who are faster than I am so I have to get back in the pool and get back to work for states.”

North Penn won the team competition with 302.5 points.

“We won when I was a freshman but we didn’t win it last year,” said Daly, a junior. “It was a goal to win it this year and it feels really good.”

Ryley Fein placed fifth in the 100 breaststroke (58.93) and Ryan Hartmann was eighth in the 100 backstroke (53.08) for North Penn.

Noah Jamieson, Ryan Hartmann, Daly and Faikish finished second in the 400 freestyle relay (3:07.61).

Andy Thomas of Hatboro-Horsham won his second gold medal in an individual event, taking the top spot in the 100 breaststroke (56.97).

“I was really pumped up for it,” Thomas said. “It’s always a big boost to put up a good time and it was such a good race. Now I have so much confidence in myself for states and I’m so excited.”

The Hatters also won the 400 freestyle relay, as Stuart Sumner, Luke Emig, Thomas and John Scully posted a time of 3:06.63.

Hatboro-Horsham finished third in team scoring (178). 

For Upper Dublin, Alex Flynn grabbed the silver medal in the100 freestyle (46.10). Kyle Pro, Matthew Jensen, Kornel Pesti and Flynn took third in the 400 freestyle relay (3:08.48).

The Cardinals were fourth in team scoring (171).

Pennsbury’s Connor Doyle swam to a silver medal in the 100 breaststroke (57.48). He also anchored the 400 freestyle relay for Will Deitch, Connor Nadel and Matthew Babel, which finished tied for sixth with Boyertown(3:13.05).

The Falcons were 10th in team scoring (94).

Cristian Musterait of Souderton captured the bronze in the100 freestyle (46.34) while teammate Storm Krader did the same in the 100 backstroke (51.08). Souderton was fifth in the team competition (163).  

Central Bucks West’s Dale Johnson finished fourth in the 100 backstroke (52.24) while his teammate and twin brother Brad Johnson was sixth in the 100 breaststroke (59.04).

Dale Johnson, Evan Washington, Peter Baltes and Brad Johnson took eighth in the 400 freestyle relay (3:13.12).   

CB West finished ninth in team scoring (98).

Dan Han of Central Bucks South punched his ticket to states with a fifth place finish in the 100 freestyle (47.22).

Greg Roytman of Council Rock South was seventh in the 100 backstroke (53.04).

In Class AA, Ben Van Meter took home the gold in the 500 freestyle (4:44.74).

Also in the 500 freestyle for the Spartans, Jake Hennegan placed sixth (5:05.02) and Jason Boles took seventh (5:06.89).

Justin Smith took fourth in the 100 breaststroke (1:02.27), Jack Cawley took sixth in the 100 backstroke (59.02), Brent Hennegan was seventh in the 100 breaststroke (1:07.61) and Sam del Rio was seventh in the 100 freestyle(51.68) for Springfield.

Van Meter, Jason Boles, del Rio and Ethan Ford took second in the 400 freestyle relay for the Spartans (3:17.59), who finished second in team scoring (304.5).

“We did awesome,” Boles said. “Everybody dropped time. We’re hoping the relays get to states. It’s a little challenging to be in Class AA because there’s only one automatic spot but we feel good about our chances.”

The top five finishers in Class AAA and the winner in Class AA automatically advance to the PIAA championships, to be held March 15-18 at Kinney Natatorium at Bucknell University. Other swimmers may also advance based on statewide time comparisons.

Class 2A

Team results
1. Lower Moreland, 472 points; 2. Springfield, 304.5; 3. BishopShanahan, 239.5; 4. Holy Ghost Prep, 237; 5. Upper Perkiomen, 211; 6.Pottsgrove, 181; 7. Valley Forge Military Academy, 18.

Event results

100-yard freestyle:1. Patrick Agnew (Pottsgrove), 46.95; 2.Colin Shipp (Lower Moreland), 49.41; 3. Trevor Kern (Bishop Shanahan), 50.51; 4.Kevin Himmelwright (Upper Perkiomen), 50.57; 5. Bobby McLoughlin (Holy GhostPrep), 50.59; 6. Edward Barton (Lower Moreland), 51.55; 7. Sam del Rio (Springfield), 51.68; 8. Erik Fenstermaker (Holy Ghost Prep), 52.04

500 freestyle: 1. Ben Van Meter (Springfield), 4:44.74; 2.Tom Powell (Bishop Shanahan), 4:45.01; 3. Cameron Junk (Upper Perkiomen),5:02.24; 4. Jack Fidanza (Bishop Shanahan), 5:02.77; 5. Danny Amusin (Lower Moreland), 5:03.16; 6. Jake Hennegan (Springfield), 5:05.02; 7. Jason Boles(Springfield), 5:06.89; 8. Joel Williams (Upper Perkiomen), 5:10.31

100 backstroke: 1. Connor Killion (Lower Moreland), 50.96 (meet record, previous record 51.67 by Owen Robinson, Calvary Christian, March5, 2016); 2. Mikey Prior (Pottsgrove), 52.97; 3. Benjamin Aust (LowerMoreland), 54.92; 4. Dan Shevelev (Lower Moreland), 55.17; 5. Jack Fidanza(Bishop Shanahan), 57.87; 6. Jack Cawley (Springfield), 59.02; 7. Daniel Miller (Upper Perkiomen), 59.34; 8. Maxim Gutnik (Lower Moreland), 1:01.41

100 breaststroke: 1. Andrew Iannacone (Holy Ghost Prep),1:00.76; 2. Christopher Kelly (Lower Moreland), 1:01.55; 3. Kyle Kovalenko (Upper Perkiomen), 1:02.22; 4. Justin Smith (Springfield), 1:02.27; 5. AlexJoon (Lower Moreland), 1:02.44; 6. Matthew Doucette (Holy Ghost Prep), 1:06.60; 7. Brent Hennegan (Springfield), 1:07.61; 8. Joe McGillen (Upper Perkiomen),1:07.98;

400 freestyle relay: 1. Lower Moreland (Shipp, Tommy Lutter,Kelly, Killion), 3:15.43; 2. Springfield, 3:17.59; 3. Bishop Shanahan, 3:22.13;4. Upper Perkiomen, 3:24.09; 5. Holy Ghost Prep, 3:41.63; 6. Pottsgrove,3:53.80.

Class 3A

Team results
1. North Penn, 302.5 points; 2. Conestoga, 180; 3.Hatboro-Horsham, 178; 4. Upper Dublin, 171; 5. Souderton, 163; 6. Radnor, 143;7. Haverford, 130; 8. West Chester Henderson, 110.5; 9. Central Bucks West, 98; 10. Pennsbury, 94.

Event results

100-yard freestyle: 1. Greg Giannella (Radnor), 45.67; 2.Alex Flynn (Upper Dublin), 46.10; 3. Cristian Musterait (Souderton), 46.34; 4.Patrick Cullen (Radnor), 47.14; 5. Dan Han (Central Bucks South), 47.22; 6.Patrick Lance (Boyertown), 47.38; 7. James Kirkby (West Chester East), 47.50;8. Liam Pitt (West Chester Henderson), 47.64

500 freestyle: 1. Sean Faikish (North Penn), 4:33.59; 2.Aidan Daly (North Penn), 4:33.60; 3. Emils Jurcik (Kennett), 4:34.90; 4. Liam Callahan (Unionville), 4:37.32; 5. Jeb Darhower (Oxford), 4:38.23; 6. Will Resweber (Strath Haven), 4:40.12; 7. Collin Pettit (Haverford), 4:42.65; 8. Max Roling (Lower Merion), 4:44.24

100 backstroke:1. Brendan Burns (Conestoga), 49.79; 2.Brian McKendrick (Conestoga), 49.94; 3. Storm Krader (Souderton), 51.08; 4.Dale Johnson (Central Bucks West), 52.24; 5. Harrison Bass (Unionville), 52.71;6. Alex Maloney (Harriton), 52.90; 7. Greg Roytman (Council Rock South), 53.04;8. Ryan Hartmann (North Penn), 53.08

100 breaststroke: 1. Andy Thomas (Hatboro-Horsham), 56.97;2. Connor Doyle (Pennsbury), 57.48; 3. Ben Doyle (Downingtown West), 58.53; 4.Jared Fruhwirth (West Chester Henderson), 58.74; 5. Ryley Fein (North Penn),58.93; 6. Brad Johnson (Central Bucks West), 59.04; 7. David Abrahams (Haverford), 59.35; 8. Oliver Yancey (Strath Haven), 59.56;

400 freestyle relay: 1. Hatboro-Horsham (Stuart Sumner, Luke Emig, Thomas, John Scully), 3:06.63; 2. North Penn, 3:07.61; 3. Upper Dublin,3:08.48; 4. Radnor, 3:09.25; 5. Conestoga, 3:10.92; 6. (tie) Boyertown and Pennsbury, 3:13.05; 8. Central Bucks West, 3:13.12.