SOL SHSHL Ice Hockey Wrap (1-2-20 & 1-3-20)

After a holiday break, SHSHL play resumed Thursday. Check out the recaps for teams in action Thursday and Friday. Photos from CB East/Quakertown and Hatboro-Horsham/Truman provided by Richard Owens. CLICK HERE to view the ice hockey gallery.

Friday, Jan. 3

Wissahickon 5, Upper Dublin 4

Nicholas Hussa’s power play goal 10:38 into the third period with a Samuel Junker assist broke a 3-3 tie and gave the Trojans a lead they would not lose. Three minutes later, the Trojans added an insurance goal when PJ Pounds (Alex Carrozza assist) found the net on a shorthanded goal to go on top 5-3.

That goal loomed large when UD’s Brian Brown scored a power play goal 14:48 into the period, using assists from Oren Serafin and Jack Bocul. The Trojans held on for the non-league win.

In the opening period, Hussa’s power play goal with a Nolan Ryan assist gave the Trojans an early lead. UD’s Louis Gamburg’s shorthanded goal with an Aidan McCarthy assist knotted the score, but back-to-back goals by Hussa – the first on a power play with assists from Pounds and Carrozza – gave the Trojans a 3-1 lead after one period.

Neither team scored in the second period, but goals by Brown (McCarthy assist) and Gamburg on the power play with a Max Frearson assist knotted the score midway through the final period, setting the stage for the dramatic finish.

Hussa’s four-goal night led the Trojans.

Chris Shea turned away 21 shots and earned the win goal for the Trojans. James Haak had 32 saves in goal for the Cardinals.

Upper Dublin            1-0-3   4

Wissahickon   3-0-2   5

Shots: UD 25, Wissahickon 37. Saves: James Haak (UD) 32, Chris Shea (W) 21.

First period: 1, Nicholas Hussa W (Nolan Ryan) 9:53, 2, Louis Gamburg UD (Aidan McCarthy) 13:32; 3, Nicholas Hussa W (AJ Pounds/Alex Carrozza) 14:01; 4, Nicholas Hussa W, 15:06.

Second period: No score

Third period: 5, Brian Brown UD (Aidan McCarthy) 1:15; 6, Louis Gamburg UD (Max Frearson) 8:07; 7, Nicholas Hussa W (Samuel Junker) 10:38; 8, AJ Pounds W (Alex Carrozza) 13:29; 9, Brian Brown UD (Oren Serafin/Jack Bocul) 14:48.


Central Bucks East 5, Quakertown 1

Sean Gorman connected for a hat trick to lead the Patriots to the win over the Panthers. It was Gorman connecting on back-to-back goals in a one-minute span late in the opening period, breaking a scoreless tie and spotting the Patriots a 2-0 lead. His first was unassisted, the second was with a Jasen Cluckey assist.

Aidan Schmidt (Cluckey assist) made it a 3-0 game at the end of one period. A power play goal by Cluckey with an Ian Treger assist seven minutes into the second period upped the Patriots lead to 4-0. Eric Orzehoski’s shorthanded goal made it a 4-1 game heading into the final period. Gorman completed his hat trick 11 minutes into the final period.

Chris McIntyre turned away 19 of 20 shots in goal for the Patriots. Quakertown goalie Austin Stoudt was credited with 36 saves.

Quakertown               0-1-0   1

Central Bucks East    3-1-1   5

Shots: Quakertown 20, CBE 41. Saves: Austin Stoudt (Q) 36,  Chris McIntyre (CBE) 19.

First period: 1, Sean Gorman CBE, 11:45; 2, Sean Gorman CBE (Jasen Cluckey) 12:43; 3, Aiden Schmidt CBE (Jasen Cluckey) 14:23.

Second period: 4, Jasen Cluckey CBE (Ian Treger) 9:53; 5, Eric Orzehoski Q, 8:44.

Third period: 6, Sean Gorman CBE, 10:54.


Hatboro-Horsham 14, Harry S Truman 4

Aidan Esack had a busy night on Friday, dishing out six assists and scoring a pair of goals for an impressive eight-point game. Nick Long and Alex Howieson also had big nights. Both had five-point games with Long scoring five goals while Howieson had three goals and two assists.

Seth Lerner scored with an assist from Esack 90 seconds into the game, and the Hatters were off and running. Goals by Vince Tarsi, Howieson, Long and Esack propelled the Hatters to a 5-0 lead before Truman’s Jeremy McCartney found the net on a shorthanded goal, using a Robert DiCrosta assist.

Back-to-back power play goals by Howieson and Long (Howieson assist) in the opening 1:07 of the second period put the Hatters on top 7-1. DiCrosta interrupted the Hatters’ run, but they closed out the period with a 6-2 tear to go on top 13-4. In the opening seconds of the third period Lerner (Howieson assist) scored to bring an early end to the game.

Joe Gambino turned away 14 shots and earned the win in goal. Truman’s Connor Pilla was credited with 24 stops.

Harry S Truman        1-3-0   4

Hatboro-Horsham     5-8-1   14

Shots:  HST 18, HH 38. Saves: Connor Pilla (HST) 24, Joe Gambino (HH) 14.

First period:  1, Seth Lerner HH (Aidan Esack) 1:30; 2, Vince Tarsi HH (Aidan Esack) 7:16; 3, Alex Howieson HH (Aidan Esack/Tarek Elsabbagh) 8:22; 4, Nick Long HH (Aidan Esak) 13:32; 5, Aidan Esack HH (Seth Lerner) 14:16; 6, Jeremy McCartney HST (Robert DiCrosta) 15:17.

Second Period: 7, Alex Howieson HH, 0:20; 8, Nick Long HH (Alex Howieson) 1:07; 9, Robert DiCrosta HST (Brent McGoldrick) 2:26; 10, Ben Lerner HH (Nicholas Creneti) 5:07; 11, Nick Long HH (Tarek Elsabbgh/AidanEsack) 7:11; 12, Justin Reid HST, 8:59; 13, Nick Long HH (Aidan Esack) 10:05; 14, Alex Howieson HH (Ben Lerner) 11:37; 15, Nick Long HH (HH) 12:46; 16, Aidan Esack HH, 15:33; 17, Robert DiCrosta, HST, 15:42.

Third period: 18, Seth Lerner (Alex Howieson)


Souderton 8, Council Rock North 2


Thursday, Jan. 2

Pennsbury 8, Abington 2

Brendan Macainsh connected for a hat trick to lead Pennsbury’s balanced attack.

It was Macainsh scoring the lone goal of the opening period, finding the net 12:10 into the period. Colin Michalak’s goal with a Justin Marlin assist 1:28 into the second period was followed two minutes later by another Macainsh goal (Jack Boyle assist). An unassisted goal by Macainsh gave Pennsbury a 4-0 lead before Abington got on the scoreboard on Griffin Carpenter’s power play goal, using assists from Tom Rourke and Colin Bruton. Pennsbury led 6-1 after goals by Shane Siegmund (Connor Coyne/Jake Machlovitz assists) and Erik Eisler (Edward Bossler).

Nine minutes into the third period, Rourke scored a power play goal (Joe Stelacio/Carpenter assists). Pennsbury closed it out with goals by Bossler (Eisler assist) and Reese Picker (Jasper Millman/Beau Brusius-Yedman assists).

Pennsbury goalie Topher Seiler turned away 16 of 18 shots he faced in goal to earn the win.

Abington        0-1-1   2

Pennsbury     1-5-2   8

Shots: Abington 18, Pennsbury 38. Saves: Topher Seiler (P) 16, Ben Panella (A) 30.

First period: 1, Brendan Macainsh P, 12:10.

Second period: 2, Colin Michalak P (Justin Marlin) 1:28; 3, Brendan Macainsh (Jack Boyle) 3:33; 4, Brenda Macainsh P, 5:06; 5, Griffin Carpenter A (Tom Rourke/Colin Bruton) 10:00; 6, Shane Siegmund P (Connor Coyne/Jake Machlovitz) 10:14; 7, Erik Eisler P (Edward Bossler) 12:00.

Third period: 8, Tom Rourke A (Joe Stelacio/Griffin Carpenter) 9:06; 9, Edward Bossler P (Erik Eisler) 14:09; 10; Reese Picker P (Jasper Millman/Beau Brusius-Yedman) 15:59.


Pennridge 12, Central Bucks West 2

Blake Stewart scored three goals and assisted on three others to lead Pennridge to the decisive win.

Conrad Frisch (Cooper White assist) scored 2:30 into the opening period, and a goal by Aeryk Lehrhaupt with a Blake Stewart assist three minutes later gave Pennridge an early 2-0 lead. West’s Luke Tremmel scored with a Daniel Poliak assist to cut that lead in half, but Jack Lowery (Lehrhaupt assist) and Stewart answered, giving Pennridge a 4-1 lead after one period.

Jeff Manto scored a pair of goals in the second period – the first a shorthanded goal with a Stewart assist. Stewart also had a pair of goals, and Pennridge led 8-1 heading into the final period.

Jacob Lizak and Andrew David scored back-to-back goals in the opening 1:43 of the final period to put Pennridge on top 10-1. Tremmel scored his second goal of the game, but goals by Manto and Richie Shanks gave Pennridge its final margin of victory.

Pennridge goalie Ryan Pico turned away 26 of 28 shots to earn the win.

Central Bucks West   1-0-1   2

Pennridge                  4-4-4   12

Shots: CBW 28, Pennridge 42. Saves: Jack Coddington (CBW) 21, Kyle Fasolak (CBW) 8, Ryan Pico (P) 26.

First period: 1, Conrad Frisch P (Cooper White) 2:30; 2, Aeryk Lehrhaupt P (Blake Stewart); 3, Luke Tremmel CBW (Daniel Poliak) 7:33; 4, Jack Lowery P (Aeryk Lehrhaupt) 9:41; 5, Blake Stewart P, 10:58.

Second period: 6, Blake Stewart P (Andrew David/Richie Shanks) 0:48; 7, Jeff Manto P (Blake Stewart) 7:11; 8, Blake Stewart P (Richie Shanks) 13:00; 9, Jeff Manto P (Jack Lowery) 14:34.

Third period: 10, Jacob Lizak P (Aidan Boyle/Cooper White) 0:53; 11, Andrew David P (Blake Stewart) 1:43; 12, Luke Tremmel CBW (Daniel Poliak) 8:38; 13, Jeff Manto P (Conrad Frisch) 11:39; 14, Richie Shanks P (Conrad Frisch) 14:55.


Plymouth Whitemarsh 12, Lower Moreland 3

Dean Keller (three goals, one assist) and Aidan Keogh (one goal, three assists) both had four-point games to lead PW to the decisive win. Jack Mishkin (three assists), Colin Franzoni (one goal, two assists) and Luke Weikel (two goals, one assist) each had three-point games.

The two teams exchanged goals in the opening period with Noah Archibald scoring first for the Lions and Keller connecting on a power play goal for PW to knot the score.

In the second period, Logan Westerfer and Thomas Corcoran scored back-to-back goals to put PW on top 3-1. Tyler Scolnick’s power play goal trimmed that lead to one, but Keller scored and Weikel followed with back-to-back goals, giving PW a 6-2 advantage heading into the final period.

Keller, Benjamin Lubas, Weikel and Keogh opened the third period with consecutive goals to put PW on top 10-2. Vincenzo DeMaio connected on a power play goal for the Lions, but Franzoni answered with a late goal for PW for the 12-3 final.

Plymouth Whitemarsh         1-5-6   12

Lower Moreland                    1-1-1   3

Shots: LM 9, PW 47. Saves: Jacob Lungin (LM) 35, Ben Yuter (PW) 6.

First period: 1, Noah Archibald LM, 12:32; 2, Dean Keller PW (Jack Mishkin/Colin Franzoni) 12:49.

Second period: 3, Logan Westerfer PW (Colin Franzoni/Dean Keller) 0:29; 4, Thomas Corcoran PW (Jake Weikel) 4:16; 5, Tyler Scolnick LM (Devin Green/Maxim Vitiaz) 8:08; 6, Dean Keller PW, 13:07; 7, Luke Weikel PW (Jack Mishkin) 13:47; 8, Luke Weikel PW (Jake Weikel/Aidan Keogh) 14:43.

Third period: 9, Dean Keller PW (Jack Mishkin) 0:53; 10, Benjamin Lubas PW (Luke Weikel) 1:39; 11, Jake Weikel PW (Aidan Keogh) 3:01; 12, Aidan Keogh PW, 3:40; 13, Vincenzo DeMaio LM, 5:29; 14, Nicholas Maslij (Matthew Flynn/Zach Spera) 10:08; 15, Colin Franzoni (Aidan Keogh) 14:29.


Upper Moreland- Moreland New Hope 12, Harry S Truman 2

Noah Goodson scored four goals and teammates Kei MacDowell (one goal, three assists) and Chris Allen (two goals, two assists) also had four-point nights to lead UM-MNH to the no-doubt-about-it win in the abbreviated contest. Also for UM-MNH, Michael Janora had a hat track and Rex Fowler had three assists.

MacDowell scored two minutes into the contest, and then it was Chris Allen and PJ Marsteller finding the net to spot UM-MNH a 3-0 lead just over three minutes into the game. Robert DiCrosta scored to put Truman on the board, but UM-MNH answered with back-to-back-to-back goals to close out the period. Goodson connected on a shorthanded goal and then scored with an Allen assist. Janora turned a Rex Fowler pass into a goal, and UM-MNH led 6-1.

UM-MNH duplicated that output in the second period with Goodson and Janora both connecting on a pair while Allen and Charles Jones added single goals. Jeremy McCartney scored Truman’s lone goal of the period.

UM-MNH        6-6-0   12

HST                 1-1-0   2

First period: 1, Kei MacDowell UM-MNH, 1:58; 2, Chris Allen UM-MNH (Kei MacDowell) 3:05; 3, PJ Marsteller UM-MNH (Ben Helsinger/Matt Hartley) 3:21; 4, Robert DiCrosta HST, 3:47; 5, Noah Goodson UM-MNH, 4:49; 6, Noah Goodson UM-MNH (Chris Allen) 14:05; 7, Michael Janora UM-MNH (Rex Fowler) 14:12.

Seond period: 8, Noah Goodson UM-MNH (Matt Harley/Kei MacDowell) 3:35; 9, Chris Allen UM-MNH (Rex Fowler) 7:15; 10, Charles Jones UM-MNH (Rex Fowler) 9:10; 11, Jeremy McCartney HST (Demian Ciarfardoni) 10:54; 12, Noah Goodson UM-MNH, 12:05; 13, Michael Janora UM-MNH (Ben Helsinger/Kei MacDowell) 13:33; 14, Michael Janora UM-MNH (Chris Allen) 14:18.

Third Period: No score


Upper Dublin 6, Souderton 4