SOL SHSHL Ice Hockey Wrap (1-20-19)

Check out the recaps for SOL SHSHL ice hockey teams in action last week.

Friday, Jan. 18
Ten skaters contributed points in a contest that saw the Rams take care of business early, opening up a 6-1 lead after one period on their way to the lopsided win. Eric Slater’s five-point night (three goals, two assists) led the balanced Ram attack.
The Rams reeled off three goals in the opening 91 seconds of the contest, thanks to single goals by Michael Walker (Eric Slater assist), Michael Eissler (Matthew Guinette assist) and Tommy Pichardo (White assist). Jude Hollister (Colin Kiefer assist) put the Indians on the scoreboard to make it a 3-1 game, but the Rams closed out the period with goals by Slater (Bryson Egan assist), Conrad Frisch (Slater/Bryson Egan assists) and Slater to go on top 6-1.
The second period featured goals by White (Pichardo assist), Jeff Manto (Guinette/Frisch assists), Frisch (Manto/Eissler assists) and White (Evan Kehoe assist) as the Rams opened up a 10-1 lead. Slater’s goal at the 6:26 mark of the third period gave the Rams their final margin of victory.
Pennridge             6-4-1    11
Council Rock North             1-0-0   1
Shots: Pennridge 45, CRN 7. Saves: Rex Goldberg (CRN) 34, Luke Stranick (P) 6.
First Period:  1, Michael Walker P (Eric Slater) 0:41; 2, Michael Eissler P (Matthew Guinette) 1:11; 3, Tommy Pichardo P (Michael White) 1:31; 4, Jude Hollister CRN (Colin Kiefer) 7:50; 5, Eric Slater P (Bryson Egan) 9:04; 6, Conrad Frisch P (Eric Slater/Bryson Egan) 14:08; 7, Eric Slater P, 14:56.
Second Period: 8, Michael White P (Tommy Pichardo) 0:40, 9, Jeff Manto P (Matthew Guinette/Conrad Frisch) 4:40; 10, Conrad Frisch P (Jeff Manto/Michael Eissler) 5:48; 11, Michael White P (Evan Kehoe) 6:01.
Third Period: 12, Eric Slater P, 6:26.

Thursday, Jan. 17
Robert Seewagen collected a hat trick and assisted on a pair of goals. His five-point game led the Redskins.
It was Seewagen spotting the Redskins a lead two minutes into the game, using a Joey DeMatteo assist. A minute later, Seewagen assisted on a Jacob Helms goal. Tommy Rourke’s power play goal with assists from Joe Stefacio and Elijah Costson made it a 2-1 game, but DeMatteo (Joseph Hornung assist) answered for the Redskins, who led 3-1 after one period.
In the second period, Seewagen and Helms scored back-to-back goals to extend Neshaminy’s lead to 5-1. Charles Potash assisted on both goals. Seewagen also had an assist on Helms’ goal. Perry Carpenter found the net for a goal (Elijah Coston assist) to make it a 5-2 game heading into the final period. Seewagen scored the lone third-period goal for the 6-2 final.
Steve Glik recorded 16 saves in a winning effort in goal for the Redskins.
Abington                 1-1-0   2
Neshaminy            3-2-1   6
Shots: Abington 18, Neshaminy 46.
First Period: 1, Robert Seewagen N (Joey DeMatteo) 1:57; 2, Jacob Helms N (Robert Seewagen) 2:59; 3, Tommy Rourke N (Joe Stelacio/Elijah Coston) 6:24; 4, Joey DeMatteo N (Joseph Hornung) 8:53.
Second Period: 5, Robert Seewagen N (Charles Potash) 7:15; 6, Jacob Helms N (Charles Potash/Robert Seewagen) 8:05; 7, Perry Carpenter A (Elijah Coston) 11:53.
Third Period: 8, Robert Seewagen N, 6:44.

Reis Braccio connected for a hat trick and assisted on another goal, and Colin Abbonizio had four assists. Their four-point nights led the Titans. Oscar Levin turned away all 11 shots he faced in goal to preserve the shutout.
Dominick Liberta’s power play goal (Dominic Patrone assist) 7:23 into the opening period gave the Titans a 1-0 lead. Stephen McMillan (Braccio/Abbonizio assists) and Ryan Gingras (Daniel Kvecher assist) added single goals to spot the Titans a 3-0 lead after one period.
The second period featured power play goals by Braccio (Gingras/Abbonizio assists) and Gingras (Abbonizio/Stephen McMillan assists) as the Titans opened up a 5-0 lead.
A pair of power play goals by Braccio in the third period – the first with an Abbonizio assist – gave the Titans their final margin of victory.
Truman’s Jeremy Wedul stopped 54 shots in a busy night in goal.
Central Bucks South           3-2-2   7
Harry S Truman  0-0-0   0
Shots: CBS 61, HST 12. Saves: Oscar Levin (CBS) 11, Jeremy Wedul (HST) 54.
First Period: 1, Dominick Liberta CBS (DJ LoVerdi/Dominic Patrone) 7:23; 2, Stephen McMillan CBS (Reis Braccio/Colin Abbonizio) 9:40; 3, Ryan Gingras CBS (Daniel Kvecher) 14:00.
Second Period: 4, Reis Braccio CBS (Ryan Gingras/Colin Abbonizio) 0:49; 5, Ryan Gingras CBS (Colin Abbonizio/Stephen McMillan) 2:59.
Third Period: 5, Reis Braccio CBS (Colin Abbonizio) 6:46; 6, Reis Braccio CBS, 8:09.

Vincenzo DeMaio (four goals, one assist) and Coleman Peppelman (three goals, two assists) each had five-point games in the Lions’ decisive win. Adam Bostock added two goals and two assists for four points.
The Lions raced out of the gate to a 5-1 lead after one period. DeMaio and Bostock each scored a pair of goals, and Peppelman had a single goal that gave Lower Moreland a 5-0 lead before Tom Hill put UM/Wood on the scoreboard with a goal late in the period.
Peppelman, DeMaio and Noah Gazzara reeled off three unanswered goals in the second period to give the Lions an 8-1 lead. Aidan Croce found the net for UM/Wood, but Arthur Rubinshteyn got that goal back, and the Lions led 9-2 after two periods.
Third-period goals by DeMaio, Alex Silverman and Peppelman closed out the scoring.
Jacob Lungin turned away 21 of 23 shots in a winning effort in goal for the Lions.
UM/Wood              1-1-0   2
Lower Moreland                   5-4-3   12
Shots: LM 37, UM/Wood 23. Saves: Michael Denardo (UM/AW) 25, Jacob Lungin (LM) 21.
First Period: 1, Vincenzo DeMaio LM (Adam Bostock) 1:25; 2, Coleman Peppelman LM, 4:18; 3, Adam Bostock LM, 4:43; 4, Adam Bostock LM, 5:08; 5, Vincenzo DeMaio LM (Tyler Scolnick/Noah Gazzara) 8:51; 6, Tom Hill UM/AW, 14:32.
Second Period: 7, Coleman Peppelman LM, 6:18; 8, Vincenzo DeMaio LM (Tyler Scolnick) 13:10; 9, Noah Gazzara LM (Vincenzo DeMaio) 13:36; 10, Aiden Croce UM/AW (Kevin Bresnan) 14:32; 11, Arthur Rubinshteyn LM (Coleman Peppelman) 14:43.
Third Period: 12, Vincenzo DeMaio LM (Noah Gazzara/Coleman Peppelman) 3:20; 13, Alex Silverman LM (Adam Bostock) 4:44; 14, Coleman Peppelman LM, 6:31.

Wednesday, Jan. 16
Jake Nelson (Joshua Kaufhold/Tyler Greenstein assists) scored at the 9:39 mark of the third period, breaking a 4-4 tie and propelling the Knights to the hard-fought win. Leading the Knights was Tyler Greenstein, whose four-point night included one goal and three assists.
Four minutes into the opening period, Greenstein (Nelson assist) put the Knights on the scoreboard. They led 2-0 after Kaufhold scored with assists from Greenstein and Luke Van Why. East’s Sean Gorman found the net (Rob Kern assist), cutting the Knights’ lead in half, but Van Why’s power play goal with a Greenstein assist gave the Knights a 3-1 lead after one period.
Back-to-back goals by Connor Keiser (Dan Tori/Max Ermigiotti assists) and Sean Gorman (Rob Kern/Matt Cipriano assists) knotted the score 3-3. Kaufhold and Phil McIntyre (Tyler Godown/Connor Keiser assists) evened the score 4-4 after three periods, setting the stage for the dramatic finish. 
North Penn goalie Nick Ebbinghaus recorded 17 saves in the win. East’s Matt Ogonowski was credited with 26 saves.
North Penn           3-1-1   5
Central Bucks East               1-3-0   4
Shots: CBE 21, NP 31. Saves: Nick Ebbinghaus (NP) 117, Matt Ogonowski (CBE) 26.
First Period: 1, Tyler Greenstein NP (Jake Nelson) 4:04; 2, Joshua Kaufhold NP (Tyler Greenstein/Luke Van Why) 4:25; 3, Sean Gorman CBE (Rob Kern) 11:42; 4, Luke Van Why NP (Tyler Greenstein) 13:34.
Second Period: 5, Connor Keiser CBE (Dan Tori/Max Ermigiotti) 0:42; 6, Sean Gorman CBE (Rob Kern/Matt Cipriano) 2:02; 7, Joshua Kaufhold NP, 10:22; 8, Phil McIntyre CBE (Tyler Godown/Connor Keiser) 12:18.
Third Period: 9, Jake Nelson NP (Joshua Kaufhold/Tyler Greenstein) 9:39.

CB South’s Stephen McMillan (Dominick Liberta assist) scored the only goal of the opening period. It turned out to be the game-winner in the Titans’ shutout win.
In the second period, Dominic Patrone (Brian Kellman assist) and Reis Braccio (Liberta assist) each scored single goals. James Schuler scored a pair of goals – the first with assists from Patrone and Matt Milanesi and the second on the power play with a Ryan Gingras assist. Colin Abbonizio’s goal late in the third period, using a Gingras assist, closed out the scoring.
Rock South goalie Jimmy Sweeney recorded 45 saves.
Council Rock South             0-0-0   0
Central Bucks South           1-4-1   6
First Period: 1, Stephen McMillan CBS (Dominick Liberta) 14:16.
Second Period: 2, Dominic Patrone CBS (Brian Kellman) 0:42; 3, Reis Braccio CBS (Dominick Liberta) 2:54; 4, James Schuler CBS (Dominic Patrone/Matt Milanesi) 4:25; 5, James Schuler CBS (Ryan Gingras) 12:54.
Third Period: 6, Colin Abbonizio CBS (Ryan Gingras) 13:55.

In a contest that featured plenty of offense, Dean Keller scored six goals and assisted on another, and Jake Weikel handed out six assists while scoring one goal to lead the Colonials. Aidan Keogh scored five goals for the Colonials. PW’s Peter Troy contributed two goals and two assists for four points and Colin Franzoni had three assists.
For the Cardinals, Ari Nordlinger and Max Frearson both contributed a goal and two assists. Their three-point games led UD.
In a preview of things to come, the two teams combined for eight first-period goals. Frearson (Nordlinger assist) scored just over a minute into the game to give UD a short-lived 1-0 lead. PW answered with three goals in a six-minute span to go on top 3-1. Aidan Keogh scored back-to-back goals and Troy added a single goal. Chris Barbera interrupted the Colonials’ run with a goal, but Keogh, Keller (power play) and Weikel (power play) closed out the period with back-to-back-to-back goals, giving the Colonials a 6-2 lead.
The Colonials outscored the Cardinals 8-3 in the second period to go on top 14-5, a lead that grew to 15-5 in the third period.
PW goalies Ben Yoter and Tyler Uhr combined for 23 saves in the win. UD goalie Liam Nixon had 32 saves.
Upper Dublin       2-3-0   5
Plymouth Whitemarsh      6-8-1   15
Shots: UD 28, PW 47. Saves: Liam Nixon (UD) 32, Ben Yuter (PW) 15, Tyler Uhr (PW) 8.
First Period: 1, Max Frearson UD (Ari Nordlinger) 1:04; 2, Aidan Keogh PW (Jake Weikel/Peter Troy) 1:33; 3, Aidan Keogh PW (Jake Weikel) 3:55; 4, Peter Troy PW (Jake Weikel) 7:23; 5, Chris Barbera UD (Ari Nordlinger/Quiinn Burns) 7:40; 6, Aidan Keogh PW (Jake Weikel) 11:38; 7, Dean Keller PW, 13:20; 8, Jake Weidel PW (Dean Keller) 15:49.
Second Period: 9, Peter Troy PW (Jake Weikel) 1:38; 10, Ari Nordlinger UD (Max Frearson) 5:28; 11, Colin Franzoni PW, 5:45; 12, Dean Keller PW (Colin Franzoni) 5:55; 13, Aidan Keogh PW (Desmond) 6:28; 14, Dean Keller PW (Gavin Mulligan) 7:30; 15, Dean Keller PW (Colin Franzoni/Gavin Mulligan) 7:53; 16, Aidan Keogh PW (Jake Weikel/Peter Troy) 8:52; 17, Oren Serafin UD, 12:37; 18, Dean Keller PW (Desmond Brock) 15:17; 19, Oren Serafin UD (Quinn Burns/Max Frearson) 15:58.
Third Period: 20, Dean Keller PW (Gavin Mulligan) 7:43.