SOL Wrestling: A Look Back at the 2019-20 Season




By Glenn Kaiser

As we all deal with the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, I took some time to recap milestones and happenings this past high school wrestling season.  Luckily, the wrestling season was not affected by school closures and sports events cancellations.  Unfortunately, other winter sports fell victim to the crisis that our society is currently dealing with…to all those student/athletes, congratulations on your accomplishments, and I wish you the best of luck in your Spring sports or if they reschedule any winter sports championships.  If it was the end of your scholastic careers, congrats on all that you accomplished.  Those memories will be with you forever, and if you are moving on to the next level (collegiate) in your sport, I wish you all the best with your endeavors.


Here is a look back at the 2019-20 season’s most exciting moments, accomplishments, milestones and statistics.


  • Quakertown defeats Council Rock South January 8, 2020, 30-26.  It is the first loss suffered by CR South at the hands of a SOL team in seven years.
  • Council Rock North finishes 5th overall in the team standings at the 2020 PIAA Individual Wrestling Championships with 4-placers (Cam Robinson 2nd @ 152-pounds, Luke Lucerne 3rd @ 126, Kyle Hauserman 4th @ 120 and Dillon Sheehy 7th @ 160) after capturing the 2020 Southeast Regional title.
  • Council Rock North long-time (19-years) head coach Tom Vivacqua retires after a stellar season and career.
  • Cam Robinson (CRN) garners silver in back-to-back seasons in Hershey.
  • 5. CR South has four SE Region Hall of Fame Inductees:  Dillon Evans, Austin Carter, Billy Rappo & Jimmy Vollrath.
  • ETR and CR South tourney guru Ed Evans wins the SE Region Man of the Year Award for his contributions to the sport of wrestling.
  • David Osei and his Galloping Ghosts from Abington win a league title (SOL American).
  • Quakertown and CR South win back-to-back SOL titles in the SOL Continental and National respectively.
  • Girls wrestling is on the rise…
  • SOL Conferences will be revamped in 2020-21.  Lower Moreland and New Hope-Solebury will join the SOL, forcing realignment to wrestling conferences/divisions.


2020-100 Win (Career Best Records) Wrestlers:

1-Cam Robinson (12) Council Rock North 152-26

2-T.J. England (12) William Tennent 142-22

3-Luke Lucerne (12) CR North 135-33

4-Dillon Sheehy (12) CR North 129-42

5-Kyle Waterman (12) Council Rock South 128-32

6-A.J. Tamburrino (120 Hatboro-Horsham 126-14

7-Kyle Hauserman (11) CR North 116-19

8-Cole Flanagan (12) CR South 114-56

9-Davis Lee (12) Pennsbury 112-29

10-Paolo DiSanto (12) Plymouth-Whitemarsh 109-31

11-Dom DeFalco (11) Quakertown 109-51

12-Dan Keller (12) Wissahickon 107-51

13-Giani Gilch (12) CR South 106-63

14-Zac Martin (11) Neshaminy 105-31

15-Chris Walker (12) Upper Moreland 104-31

16-Gunnar Spain (12) Neshaminy 100-53


Near misses on 100 wins included: Logan Flynn (12) H-H 99-34, Logan Green (12) Pennridge 99-36, John Klewin (12) Bensalem 98-18.  All three finished their scholastic careers in Hershey.


Top 10-Best Career Win Percentage:

1-A.J. Tamburrino (H-H) .900%

2-T.J. England (Tennent) .866%

3-Kyle Hauserman (CRN) .859%

4-Cam Robinson (CRN) .854%

5-John Klewin (Bensalem) .845%

6-Kyle Waterman (CRS) .800%

7-Davis Lee (Pennsbury) .794%

8-Paolo DiSanto (P-W) .779%

9-Zac Martin (Neshaminy) .772%

10-Chris Walker (Up. Moreland) .770%


2020 Top 10-Wins Leaders:

1-Cam Robinson (CRN) 43-3

2-Dillon Sheehy (CRN) 42-7

3-Kyle Miller (Q-town) 42-11

4-A.J. Tamburrino (H-H) 40-5

5-Giani Gilch (CRS) 39-11

6-Connor Eck (Bensalem) 38-5

7-Kyle Waterman (CRS) 38-10

8-Dom DeFalco (Q-town) 38-12

9-Gunnar Spain (Neshaminy) 37-11

10-Vinny DeSpirito (Q-town) 37-15


2020 Top 10-Win Percentage (at least 34-wins):

1-Cam Robinson (CRN) 43-3 .935%

2-Mike Miller (P-W) 34-3 .919%

3-Kyle Hauserman (CRN) 35-4 .897%

4-T.J. England (Tennent) 34-4 .895%

5-A.J. Tamburrino (H-H) 40-5 .889%

6-Conner Eck (Bensalem) 38-5 .884%

T7-Zac Martin (Neshaminy) 35-5 .875%

T7-Chris Walker (Up. Moreland) 35-5 .875%

T9-John Klewin (Bensalem) 34-5 .872%

T9-Tyler Patterson (Up. Moreland) 34-5 .872%

10-Dillon Sheehy (CRN) 42-7 .857%


Hoping everyone is staying safe, practicing social distancing and following all government mandates as we navigate thru these difficult times.  Best wishes to all when school re-opens or starts again on-line.