12 Steps to Choosing the Right College Team (Sponsored by NSR)

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College recruits sometimes regret their decisions because they limited their options.

I’m not talking about the highest-level NCAA Division I prospects. Instead, let’s consider those prospects who are being recruited by at least a handful of college coaches. Those student-athletes must make life-altering choices, too, and their decisions can be made more confidently if they go through the following process with every interested coach.

Let’s call it the “Walk Through Every Door” process:

1. Check for college coach contacts every day as part of your routine.

2. Respond immediately to coaches, whether you fill out an online profile, return an email or make a return call.

3. Pinpoint where the school is located. Google how far it is from your home.

4. Look at the school’s Web page to see if it fits your personal, academic, social and athletic needs -- at least on the surface.

5. For those schools that obviously do not meet your needs, send a quick email to the coach letting him or her know. Be honest. The coach will appreciate it.

6. For those schools you think meet your needs, send an email to the coach ASAP and let him or her know that you are interested.

7. Some NCAA Division I or II coaches may not be able, by rule, to communicate with you. Regardless, send the coach a quick email or text each week about what is going on with you. That builds a relationship, which is invaluable in the end.

8. Set up an unofficial visit to the school ASAP. Once there, you can meet the coach in person and tour the facilities and campus.

9. If the school, coach, team or program doesn’t fit your needs, send the coach an email as soon as possible to let him or her know you enjoyed your visit, but the school is not right for you. Again, the coach will appreciate your directness and honesty, and it will save him or her lots of time.

10. If everything -- or nearly everything -- meets your needs, let the coach know ASAP.

11. For all the schools that make your checklist, remember that you are just one of many prospects the coaches will be recruiting. They may drop you unexpectedly, so keep all options open as long as possible. Stay in touch with those coaches weekly via text, email or phone, whichever the rules permit.

12. Hope that the coach asks you to take an official visit to the school. When that happens, you know you are among his or her top recruits.

Going through this methodical process will give you lots of confidence when you make your final decision. You will have been exposed to the college, coach and team multiple times. In addition, both you and the coach will enter signing day happy that you have explored all of your options and made a decision that is right for both of you.

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