Abington's Ahmad Stone & Tamir Berthau to Play Collegiate Football

Abington’s Ahmad Stone and Tamir Berthau were recognized for committing to continue their football careers at the collegiate level.



Tamir Berthau – Lackawanna College (Football)


Coach Kevin Conlin says: “There were a few games Tamir’s junior year – his last few games – where it really started to click for him, and we were really excited for what he was going to do. He just really, really took off this past year. Tamir was the first Abington quarterback to have over 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 passing yards in a season. He deserved all the accolades he got, being named first team all-league and first team all-state, plus he led us a league championship for the first time in a long time at Abington.

“Just his running ability was awesome, but what separated him this year – his passing ability really took off. He made the right reads, he trusted the offensive line, and he really became a quarterback, which was so great to see because he was a kid who really worked hard at becoming a quarterback, not just an athlete – he really became a quarterback, and it showed. He’s going to Lackawanna, and he’s being brought in as a quarterback. There were some schools that liked at him as a wide receiver and that kind of stuff, but I told him, ‘You’re a quarterback, you’re a great quarterback. You can do anything you put your mind to it.’ If he keeps improving, I think the sky is the limit.”




Ahmad Stone – Delaware Valley University (Football)


Coach Kevin Conlin says:  “Ahmad was a transfer from Upper Merion, and he played one year for us. He played wide receiver and had nine touchdowns and was second team all-league. He really excelled in our weak side receiver position and really opened up our run game because teams couldn’t handle him one-on-one. It really helped (quarterback) Tamir Berthau and those guys with being able to hit the run lanes and things like that. He was a big-play kid. If we needed a big play, he was the one who would go over the top like a DeSean Jackson type of player.”