Bensalem's Sharpe to Play Softball at Rosemont College

Bensalem senior Danielle Sharpe was recognized for committing to continue her softball career at Rosemont College. (Photo provided courtesy of Bensalem High School)

Danielle Sharpe – Rosemont College (Softball)

Major:  Biology

Reasons for choosing Rosemont:  “Rosemont has an amazing biology department, and it feels like home when I walk around the campus.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in softball at the collegiate level?  “I began thinking about playing in college my sophomore year of high school. As a kid, I always wanted to play softball for as long as I could, so I couldn’t just stop after high school.
“I began emailing colleges the fall of my sophomore year because I saw my teammates on my travel team starting to get into the recruiting process. At first I thought it was going to be really difficult to start, but I realized soon enough that all I had to do was send an e-mail with my game times and the coach would try to show up. Going into the fall of my senior year, it was my last chance to get recruited, so I sent emails to each college I was really interested in (including Rosemont). I knew there was something special about Rosemont when I talked to the coaches, and they even helped me through the application process for the school.”

Coach Dan Schram says:  “Dani Sharpe has been the starting pitcher for the Owls for three years. She is one of the most mentally tough players I have ever encountered on either side of the field. The reason I say that is – whoever we play, they always will comment how tough the pitcher is. She battles and she does not get rattled. She has a great mental disposition. She’s a very, very hard worker and a tremendous student of the game. She’s an academic all-star. One of the other cool things about Dani – she has a wonderful singing voice, and she had a lead role in our school’s production of Cinderella. She’s a very special individual. She’s another kid who stayed very well-rounded, and she’s an excellent teammate. She comes from a wonderful family, and much credit to their time and dedication. She will be sorely missed.”

About Danielle:
Favorite food: 
Tacos and Sushi (but not together)
Favorite movie:  Jurassic Park
Favorite music:  Anything but Country