CB East's Patel & Updale to Compete in Collegiate Lacrosse

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Central Bucks East seniors Vihaan Patel & Nils Updale will continue their lacrosse careers at the collegiate level. (Quinn Collins, who is continuing his wrestling career at Rider University, also was part of the lacrosse team and is included in the photo.)

Vihaan Patel – Savannah College of Art & Design (Lacrosse)
Interior Design
Reasons for choosing Savannah College of Art & Design: “This was the first school I really wanted to go to and I applied to first. I got in on early admission, so it was one of the only schools I applied to because it was the first one I really wanted to go to. I knew they had a lacrosse team, but I wasn’t thinking of playing – I wasn’t sure I could do it. A couple months ago, the coach reached out to talk to me and meet me.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level?  “I didn’t think I was going to be playing in college. I started playing lacrosse in third grade. A friend of mine on my football team told me I should try it out, and ever since then, I’ve been playing lacrosse.”
Coach Bruce Garcia says: “V is very athletic. He came to us as an athlete that needed to be pushed. This year he excelled, he came out of his shell. He was injured for part of the year, but when he recovered from that injury, he contributed right away in a number of Suburban One League games and helped us secure that 10-0 spot (in the SOL National Conference). V’s athletic ability definitely belies his age.”
About Vihaan:
Favorite food:
Favorite TV show: Stranger Things
Favorite music: Rap or Hip Hop

Nils Updale – Ursinus College (Lacrosse & Wrestling)
Bio & Biotech
Final list of colleges: Ursinus, York, Elizabethtown, Wilkes
Reasons for choosing Ursinus: “The small environment, the atmosphere, the really nice campus and the individualization – there’s less kids and teachers can give individual attention.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse and wrestling at the collegiate level?  “I’ve always been a three-sport athlete until freshman year, so I’ve always been able to keep up with the intensity of both sports. I’ve been wrestling since I was five, so I don’t want to give wrestling up, and I don’t want to give lacrosse up either. I’ve been pretty successful in both, and it just worked out that Ursinus was the right fit.”
Coach Bruce Garcia says: “Nils was a first team all-league faceoff specialist in the Suburban One League. He won the MVP for this year for our team. He had over 250 faceoff wins this year – he actually had 252 when we finished up, which is the most we’ve ever had with any one faceoff guy in our existence. Nils is going to go on and play at Ursinus – he’s going to both wrestle and play lacrosse. They’re going to love this guy at Ursinus with his faceoff ability and his work ethic.”
About Nils:
Favorite food:
Pad Thai
Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad
Favorite music: House Music

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