CB East's Tyler Okin to Continue Soccer Career at Bucknell

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020, Central Bucks East senior Tyler Okin was recognized for committing to continue his soccer career at Bucknell University. Check back for a gallery of photos.



Tyler Okin – Bucknell University (Soccer)


Major: Engineering


Final list of colleges:  Bucknell, St. Bonaventure, Cabrini, Widener


Reasons for choosing Bucknell:  “When I went on my visit, the players really made me feel like I was part of the team. Also, they had my major, so that was a big deciding factor between if I was going to do business or engineering. Also, I loved the campus, and it’s not too far away from home that my parents can come watch me play.”


What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “As I started competing at higher levels, I saw the opportunity that a lot of my friends got playing in college and playing at a high level and the fun they were having. As I got older, the bonds with my teammates got stronger, and I just couldn’t see myself giving that up.”


Coach Josh Isaacsohn says:  “We were just thrilled that Tyler decided to come out of academy and come back to East for his senior year. We had a very successful season, and a lot of it was due to him as the incredible netminder that he is. He is always intense, always involved. He’s a leader on and off the field, and we’re just incredibly proud of how well he did this year and looking forward to what a great and bright future he has. We wish Tyler the best and hope he comes back to visit.”


About Tyler:

Favorite food:  Cantaloupe

Favorite TV show:  Futurama

Favorite movie:  Inglorious Bastards

Favorite music: Post Malone



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