CB West's Benson Signs to Play Football at Syracuse

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019. Central Bucks West senior Luke Benson was recognized for signing a letter of intent to continue his Football career at Syracuse University. To view photos of the event, please visit the photo gallery at the following link:  https://solsports.zenfolio.com/p173290517

Luke Benson – Syracuse University (Football)

Major:  Finance

Final list of colleges:  Syracuse, Holy Cross, Temple

Reasons for choosing Syracuse:  “I just felt a sense of home at Syracuse, and the offense they run really fits my playing style. I just felt like it was the right decision, and academically, it has everything I want.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in football at the collegiate level?  “I never really was good growing up in the little league stuff, but then I started taking it more seriously in middle school. Once I saw that was an opportunity sophomore going into junior year, I really set my mind to it.”

Coach Rob Rowan says:  “When I first met Luke, one of the things that struck me right off the bat was his work ethic. He was without question a leader in the weight room and set the tone on a daily basis of what it meant to attack things with intensity and intentionality. He’s very purpose driven – he focuses on minute details. The attention to detail with what he does is so impressive. As a player, he’s so gifted athletically. He’s got things you just can’t teach in terms of size and speed. More precisely in the game of football, he brought a physical nature to his position on the tight end side as well as the defensive end side that you just don’t see often. To be able to pair that physicality with his speed was a dangerous combination. For us, he was a captain, and that was an easy decision for us. Unfortunately, he got hurt midway through the year, but this is where his character really shined through. Once he got hurt, from that point forward after he got back from his surgery, he didn’t miss a single practice, and he was without question the leader of our program. Just his presence around our program was so critical for our guys to continue to play and practice the way we expect. I’m super excited to watch him grow and blossom. I think he’s really just scratching the surface to the player he can be. He’s just an amazing young man and has a ridiculously bright future.”

About Luke:
Favorite food: 
Steak & Sweet Potato
Favorite movie:  Invincible
Favorite music:  All music