CB West's Hitchens Commits to Dive at Montclair State University

On Wednesday, April 23, 2022, Central Bucks West senior Audrey Hitchens was recognized for committing to continue her diving career at Montclair State University.



Audrey Hitchens – Montclair State University (Diving)


Major: Graphic Design

Final list of colleges:  Montclair, Alfred State, Rowan University


Reasons for choosing Montclair:  “I loved that it was really close to New York, and especially with a graphic design major, that’s exactly where I want to be. The campus was really pretty, and all the coaches on the team are really nice.”


What was the progression that led you to competing in diving at the collegiate level?  “I did gymnastics for two years in my life, but I quit in eighth grade, so I actually started diving in ninth grade. My sophomore year was really good, and I started a recruiting profile just to see where it would bring me, and I didn’t realize I was going to get looks from college. I fell in love with Montclair, and it just progressed from there.”


Coach Fred Dunn says: “There’s a special place for Audrey because she came up through the Fanny Chapman lesson program. I grew up in Fanny Chapman, so that takes a page from my heart. She was really determined, and she has phenomenal form and great lines. When she nails a dive, it is pretty – it’s as pretty as anybody’s. She definitely has potential if she has the right fit.”


About Audrey:

Favorite food: Mac ‘n Cheese

Favorite movie:  The Lion King

Favorite music:  Classic Rock


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