CB West's McFadden to Run at Queens University of Charlotte

On Monday, May 17, 2021, Central Bucks West senior Carlin McFadden was recognized for committing to continue her cross country/track and field career at Queens University of Charlotte.



Carlin McFadden – Queens University of Charlotte (Cross Country/Track & Field)


Major: “I’m undecided on my major, but I know I want to go down the science field, whether it be sustainability sciences or something in bioengineering.”


Final list of colleges:  Queens, East Carolina, Iona, Jacksonville


Reasons for choosing Queens: “When I took my campus tour, it kind of just clicked for me. The whole aspect of it being a small school in a big city really spoke to me, and it just felt like the right fit for me when I was on campus.”


What was the progression that led you to competing in track at the collegiate level?  “Since I’m a track athlete, I feel like running has become part of my personality at this point. I can’t see myself not running, so since I started achieving a lot of really big things, it became pretty clear to me that I wanted to keep running.”


Coach Kevin Munnelly says:  “For four years, Kiki and I and now coach Crawford have seen Carlin grow into a very, very determined runner. Half the time I think Carlin decides she’s not going to be beat, and sometimes she’s up against people with more talent, but she’s just not going to allow that to happen. It’s her will – she really puts herself - especially in the 800 - into that second lap and nails it. It’s not so much an overabundance of talent, it’s just an overabundance of ‘I will win this race.’

“She’s a hard worker, and I have found that there’s no work that’s too much for her as she proved this year in states in cross country, being the only person who medalled for us. It was her best cross country season of the four years.”


About Carlin:

Favorite food:  Spaghetti & Meatballs

Favorite TV shows:  Gilmore Girls & The Office

Favorite artists:  Arctic Monkeys & Led Zeppelin



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