CB West's Schrandt to Play Lacrosse at Gannon

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, Central Bucks West Emma Schrandt was recognized for committing to continue her lacrosse career at Gannon University.

Emma Schrandt – Gannon University (Lacrosse)

Major: Pre-Med

Reasons for choosing Gannon: “I was considering a couple of other small D-3 schools, nothing specific. I was really looking for D-3 just because of the small class size and less of a commitment to be able to focus on studies. I’m going to be studying pre-med and possibly dual majoring in nursing.
“When I was at Gannon visiting, I loved the fact that it was a smaller school, and everything was sort of together in one spot. When I was standing in on a practice, I saw another player come in from a class, and instead of the coach being upset that she was late or rushing her to get better, she was just happy to see her there after class, so it really made sense that they were prioritizing studies which is why I was looking specifically at D-3 schools. As soon as I saw that, I knew it would be a good fit.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level? “I have always known I wanted to play at the collegiate level. I wasn’t sure at what capacity just because I’ve known longer that I wanted to be a doctor. Growing up, I always knew I was going to continue after high school, but during COVID and during our recruiting years, the recruiting slowed down, but I did get an amazing opportunity out of the online aspect of recruiting, so I was sort of lucky in that aspect.”

Coach Kali Cook-Grisewood says: “Emma is extremely articulate, so that translates into the medical field really well and on the field really well. She’s able to see things and then explain it to her team in live action quickly and concisely, and that’s important on the field, especially with so many bodies and so many things happening at once. She’s able to break that down, tell her teammates what she needs, and the team shifts as we need it to. It creates systems that are efficient for us, so to have players that are smart in the classroom and translate it onto the field is so valuable. She’s good at teaching the younger kids too, the fresh talent coming in – ‘Hey, try this.’ She breaks down the skills and drills that we’re trying to go through, which is helpful having an upperclassman like that. It creates culture, and it keeps it consistent with a learning style so that everyone is working in unison, moving up together, and there’s less of a disparity between that learning curve. To have a player like that is super valuable.
“Emma was defense when I needed her on defense, she was offense when I needed her on offense. She had a stick that was reliable, which was really important on the offensive end. We want to control the ball, control the game, so when we needed those stick skills, we put her down on attack and said, ‘We need you to maintain some composure here,’ or defensively, if we needed the communication to open up, if it was a little bit stiff – ‘Hey, we need you on ‘D’ just to break up some of this communication. Start getting these systems working. Let’s move through this together.’ She was great on both ends of the field.”

About Emma:
Favorite food:  Chicken Fingers
Favorite movie: The Blind Side
Favorite artist: Morgan Wallen

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