CB West's Siegle to Play Field Hockey at Lock Haven

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022, CB West senior Kendall Siegle was recognized for committing to continue her field hockey career at Lock Haven University.

Kendall Siegle – Lock Haven University (Field Hockey)

Reasons for choosing Lock Haven:  “I did a camp there, and I played some of the incoming class, and I really liked them. I also got to meet the team and the coaches. It was a good experience.”

What was the progression that led you to playing field hockey at the collegiate level?  “Halfway through my junior is when I decided that’s what I wanted, and I started the process.”

Coach David DeAngelis says: “Two things that come to mind when I think of Kendall: 1) She’s a natural leader. She has that special presence about her where she’s always poised but always thoughtful about the group and never individually. 2) One of the chats that Kendall and I had was for her being a fourth-year varsity player. She wanted to be more assertive this year, and she absolutely delivered, so that was phenomenal.
“Kendall always had the conditioning, the skill, the ball sense. What happened this year was – she helped to control the middle with Lily (Cosner), our captains and our tag team. They played club together, so they basically were almost symbiotic. I remember when I saw it click for Kendall was when we were down at Thursday Night Lights. We played Cherokee, Emmaus and Notre Dame, and in between the matches, we would continue to talk. You actually saw her presence become more prominent during those matches, and it carried straight through the season. It’s been fantastic having Kendall these last several years.”

About Kendall:
Favorite food:
Favorite movie: The Hunger Games
Favorite music: Country