CR South's Mendez & Hanson Commit to Wrestle at Collegiate Level

On Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, Council Rock South seniors Maximino Mendez and Shane Hanson were recognized at a special college signing breakfast for committing to wrestle at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:

Coach Brad Silimperi says:  “(I’ve) been coaching for 20-plus years, and people say to me, ‘How much longer are you going to coach?’ The answer is real easy. When I’ve got guys like Shane and Max, why would I stop coaching? They’re two of the finest individuals I’ve coached, and we’ve had a lot of special kids come through the program. Both of them are really, really driven ever since I’ve known them, and both of them are extremely hard workers. They work all year long – spring, summer, fall and obviously club stuff and then here in the weight room. They’re just really dedicated athletes, and to get to that next level, you have to be. They’re just very competitive. Both have really good technique. The sky’s the limit for both of them.
“The wrestling piece is the easy part. They wouldn’t be here if their wrestling accomplishments weren’t what they were. Both of them are PIAA state qualifiers, and the goal is to get them on the podium this year, something they both have worked very, very hard for. I don’t have any children of my own, but I’ve known these guys for years. I just hope that they realize they’ve had just as much of an impact on me as myself and my coaching staff has had on them. It’s been a special, special time. I’ve known Shane since elementary school and Max since late elementary school as well. It’s been a great ride. I’m just glad and honored to be able to sit in their corner and coach them. It’s something I’m very, very proud of.
“These guys are scholar-athletes. They make our team GPA look very good. They’re going to high-powered academic institutions. Max is going to F&M, which I’m extremely proud of, and Shane is going to Brown University in the Ivy League. It’s a true testament to both of them. We don’t have pro wrestling, so we use wrestling as our goal to get into a good school and hopefully get a good job. If they continue to do what they’ve done in the classroom and their athletics, we’re in good hands and our future is very bright. I wish them both the best of luck.”

Shane Hanson – Brown University (Wrestling)
Final list of colleges:  All the Ivy League schools
Reasons for choosing Brown:  “What it came down to is where I felt most at home. I visited a lot of them, and when I visited Brown, it just felt like home. I already knew a couple of the kids who were previous teammates of mine, and it was like a second home to me right away. I loved the atmosphere up there, and most importantly, I felt like I could achieve a lot of success both academically and athletically.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in wrestling at the collegiate level?  “Even when I was little, I always dreamed about wrestling even in the Olympics – the farthest I could possibly go, and I knew college would be a stepping stone for me. I always had that dream of wrestling in college.”
About Shane:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie: Step Brothers
Favorite music:  Kanye West

Maximino Mendez – Franklin & Marshall College (Wrestling)
Reasons for choosing F&M:  “As soon as I stepped foot on campus and took a look around, I knew this is where I wanted to continue my (education). It’s a beautiful campus, it’s not far from home, there’s great diversity, and they have a great business program.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in wrestling at the collegiate level?  “I started thinking about wrestling in college the summer before the start of junior year. I started getting recruited in 10th grade.
“I met the wrestling team at F&M over the summer, and I can really feel the brotherhood and how close everyone is. Also, they are willing to help one another grow.”
About Max:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  The Harry Potter movies or Marvel movies
Favorite music:  Drake & Cardi B