Five Pennridge Seniors Commit to Play Collegiate Soccer

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, Pennridge seniors Lauren McIntyre, Maddie Anderson, Chance Hendricks, Meghan Kriney and Rachel Dudek were recognized for committing to continue their soccer careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please click the following link.


“I’ve known all five of these seniors since they were in the youth program at Deep Run, so to see them come up through and to finish out their high school careers and to know all five of them are going on to play at college is pretty special,” coach Audrey Anderson said. “I think they’ll be prepared. They’re resilient, they know what they have to do to work toward something because that’s what has been expected on their way up to Pennridge. I definitely think they understand how much they have to work to reach their goal.”



Maddie Anderson – St. Joseph’s University (Soccer)

Major:  Health Science

Final list of colleges:  St. Joe’s, University of Delaware, Winthrop, Temple, VCU, Drexel

Reasons for choosing St. Joe’s:  “St. Joe’s was actually the last school I visited before committing. I was like, ‘It’s kind of close -I’ll just go and see’ because the coach had e-mailed me a bunch of times. I walked onto the campus with a couple of players, and I knew – this is where I want to go. It just had the feeling that this was a good fit for me. It’s not too big, but it felt so right. The atmosphere of the school was so amazing.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “I always wanted to play soccer in college. I started training with my mom, but I never really thought I would be able to play D-I soccer. I think just going with my mom every time she was training someone – I would hop in on the training, just get a couple of extra touches. It was really just training on my own and getting better, working everyday. It was just a lot of fun, especially being with my mom and getting trained by her. She taught me so much. Honestly, I don’t think I would be playing D-I soccer if it wasn’t for her.”

Coach Audrey Anderson says: “Maddie and I spend so much time together. She helps me with the little kids in the community, but she was not that player growing up that you would have said, ‘Oh, she’s going to go on and play in college.’ I will say she has worked for everything she has earned and is hopefully going to earn in college. She has always had to deal with ‘Your mom is the coach, so you have an easy way.’ She has come a long way. I’m proud of her resilience because she has had some bumps in the road, but she’s pushed through. Just her ability to enjoy her senior season and be a strong presence on the field was special for me as her parent. Maddie is very, very good at winning balls out of the air, she’s strong on the ball. Not many people were able to take the ball from her. She had some assists and goals. She was a very impactful player.”

About Maddie:

Favorite food:  Chicken or Steak

Favorite TV show:  Friends

Favorite music:  Country



Rachel Dudek – East Stroudsburg University (Soccer)

Major:  Exercise Science and Kinesiology

Final list of colleges: East Stroudsburg, West Chester, Bloomsburg, Kutztown, Nova Southeastern

Reasons for choosing ESU:  “I went up there for an ID clinic, and when I walked on campus, it was really weird, but it just felt like home. I didn’t think that was a thing. I was walking around campus on a tour, and I was like, ‘I really like this.’ I ended up lucking out with the major I wanted – they are really good for exercise science. The coach liked me, I loved the program up there. Everything worked out really well.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “I actually didn’t like soccer when I was a kid, but my parents forced me to play. I quit for a while, and then I started playing in first grade. I didn’t think it was an option to play in college, but as I got older, I wanted to keep getting better. Around middle school, I was like, ‘Maybe I want to play in college.’ I ended up really enjoying it, and it worked out really well.”

Coach Audrey Anderson says: “Rachel is another player who’s versatile and can play multiple positions. Again, growing up she was a keeper, a defender, a midfielder, a forward. That’s the main thing about most of these players – they have played every position. They have a good foundation through the youth program, and I think it set them up for success down the road. She played center mid. She’s good at reading the field, and she gets the ball where it needs to be. Rachel was a very calm player on the field.”

About Rachel:

Favorite food:  Sushi – Spicy Tuna Roll

Favorite TV show:  Friends

Favorite music:  Alternative/Vance Joy



Chance Hendricks – Marist College (Soccer)

Major:  Dental

Final list of colleges:  Marist, Bucknell, Lafayette

Reasons for choosing Marist:  “I wasn’t really interested in Marist until they contacted me in the early fall. I went up for a visit, and I saw this beautiful campus. I met the team, and I felt like I fit right in. The coaches are amazing, the school has great academics, and I felt right at home. I couldn’t think of another place where I’d want to go to school and play soccer for the next four years.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “When I was little, everyone is like ‘I want to be a professional soccer player.’ That was obviously my goal, but as I got older, I started to become realistic. I always wanted to play at a Division I program, and I’d say around seventh grade in that middle school time is when I started playing at the ECNL level. That pushed me forward to try and play at the Division I level. I’ve had great guidance throughout my years of soccer. It was a long process and a lot of hard work, but in the end, it paid off, and I’m super excited to start the next adventure.”

Coach Audrey Anderson says: “Chance was a big presence at center mid for us. I believe she’ll be playing center back or defense in college, but she’s a versatile player. She’ll be able to fit into a program. She’s smart with the ball, she’s good in the air, so she’ll make a nice addition to any program. Just her personality, her sense of humor makes everyone on our team laugh. I would challenge anybody if they said they had a better midfield than Chance and Maddie – I’m just talking about the seniors. I think those two together were really, really, really good, something we haven’t had in the past where we had two super strong midfielders that are good in the air, that people can’t take the ball from them easily and that play well together. I can’t say one did this and one did that. I think they complemented each other really nicely.”

About Chance:

Favorite food:  Chips and Salsa

Favorite movie:  Harry Potter

Favorite artist:  Khalid



Meghan Kriney – Florida Southern College (Soccer)

Major:  Pre-Pharmacy

Final list of colleges:  Florida Southern, Dartmouth, Millersville

Reasons for choosing Florida Southern:  “What really got me about Florida Southern were the opportunities to excel athletically and academically. The campus was absolutely a place I loved and could see myself in the future, and just the atmosphere of the school – it was insane. I absolutely loved it.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “I’ve been playing at the highest levels of soccer since I was little, including the ECNL, and I’ve always wanted to play at the highest level and just continue getting better and better. Once I got into high school and realized I could play at a college level and keep playing for as long as I possibly can – it really got me excited. I wanted to continue the process and go as far as I could at the best school I could possibly go to.”

Coach Audrey Anderson says: “What can you say about Meghan Kriney? She’s one of the most athletic players I think I’ve ever coached. The three years prior to her senior year she played forward, and I know people said, ‘Pennridge is going to be without a keeper this year.’ I’m not the person that’s going to be like, ‘Yeah, you’re wrong. We’ve got Meghan Kriney.’ Let them think what they’re going to think. She was outstanding – she only gave up 10 goals all season out of 24 games. That’s absolutely incredible. I don’t know what else you can say about somebody like that. She’s very calm, and her voice in the back was comforting to the defenders because they knew when they heard her they could trust what she was saying.”

About Meghan:
Favorite food:  Any type of pasta

Favorite TV show:  Friends

Favorite music:  R&B/Khalid



Lauren McIntyre – Bloomsburg University (Soccer)

Major:  Nursing

Final list of colleges:  Bloomsburg, Delaware, other PSAC schools

Reasons for choosing Bloomsburg:  “The first time I visited it just reminded me of home, and I felt like I belonged there. It was a really good environment and atmosphere, and I loved everything about it. On top of that, I met the team and I loved the team, and the coaches were really nice. That was obviously a big plus, and their nursing program is really good.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “Right when I started to get serious with the sport and I started playing at the higher level, I realized that I definitely did want to play in college. That was probably around middle school. When I got to high school, I just loved the intensity, and I knew I wanted to play in college.”

Coach Audrey Anderson says:  “I wish I could say Lauren would play one specific position, but she’s played every position. That was the joke all four years – she’s never played goal for us, but she’s played every other position other than goal. Any of these five seniors – they can play any position. They’re all very versatile players. Last year in the state championship game, Lauren played outside back, moved to center back, and she played a little forward. After losing so many seniors last year, I knew I could play Lauren as a defender, I could play her as a midfielder, I know what she can do at forward, so I was pretty confident wherever Lauren was going to play this year she was going to do well in that position.”

About Lauren:

Favorite food:  Shrimp

Favorite TV show: One Tree Hill

Favorite music:  Country or Rap



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