Hatboro-Horsham Foursome to Play Collegiate Lacrosse

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, Hatboro-Horsham seniors Justin Focht, Min Lee, Connor Davis & Sam Fink were recognized for committing to play lacrosse at the collegiate level.

“This group collectively has set a great example not only for this year’s senior class but also building the lacrosse program up from where it’s been to where it is now,” Hatters’ coach Gauntlett Walker said. “I give these four individuals a ton of credit for keeping the drive going.”

Justin Focht – Eastern University (Lacrosse)
Coach Gauntlett Walker says:
“. The greatest thing about Justin is his availability. He’s always willing and able to do anything that the coaches ask of him. Whether it’s playing as a transition middie or we’re throwing him on the crease or moving him around the perimeter, he’s always been willing to help the coaches out in anything they need. I think that’s going to serve him very well at the next level to basically be anywhere the coaches need him. No matter how hard we pushed Justin, he never complains, he never gets down on himself, and he’s always popping right back up to help the team. Good luck, Justin.”

Connor Davis – Eastern University (Lacrosse)
Coach Gauntlett Walker says: 
“Connor Davis was one of the captains for our team. The biggest thing about Connor is he has worked for everything that he’s gotten. When he started as a freshman all the way up through his senior year, he’s been a tireless worker. Sometimes as you go through the years in high school, your work kind of tails off, but he went the exact opposite way. He worked harder the older he got in school. One thing the coaches just love in a captain is being able to see problems before they pop up, and that’s what Connor excelled at. Both on the field and off the field, he has the coach’s back. As a captain, that’s amazing. I’m excited to see him play at Eastern next year.”

Sam Fink – DeSales University (Lacrosse)
Coach Gauntlett Walker says:
“Sam Fink is also a co-captain. The greatest thing about Sam is his resiliency. He’s had to overcome a lot of tough injuries, and he bounced back with tremendous passion and competition. He suffered a little bit of an injury this year, and the first thing he said to me was ‘How can I help the team first?’ So we moved him to a completely different position, and he excelled at that, and that’s because of his work ethic on and off the field. As one of our captains, we looked to him to keep the team grounded and focused, especially on the offensive side of the field, and he did a great job at that. Sam did an excellent job of making sure the unit stayed focused and kept us going forward. I’m looking forward to seeing him play at DeSales next year.”

Min Lee – Eastern University (Lacrosse)
Coach Gauntlett Walker says:
“Min Lee is also going to Eastern University. It will be nice to go to one university and see three of my guys playing. The greatest thing about Min is his passion for the game of lacrosse. Obviously, all four of these guys love lacrosse, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that loves one aspect of the game more than Min. He just loves shooting the ball, and obviously, in lacrosse, that’s a crucial aspect you need to have. He would be completely fine just going out with a bucket of balls on a Friday night and just shooting 100 balls. The passion he has for the sport is contagious. The guys on our team see how much he loves the game of lacrosse, and they feed off that energy. Whenever we needed a big goal or something, Min is one of the guys that comes up with it. The energy and passion he brought to the team was second to none. I’m looking forward to seeing you play at Eastern next year.”