Hatboro-Horsham Trio to Play Collegiate Baseball

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, Hatboro-Horsham seniors Zach Greenberg, Jack Elwell & Logan Fischer were recognized for committing to continue their baseball careers at the collegiate level.

“These three guys – Jack, Logan and Zach - are representing one of the greatest groups I’ve ever coached,” Hatboro-Horsham coach Pete Moore said. “They’re all outstanding young men who put themselves in the position to play in college not only with what they’ve done in the field but what they’ve done in the classroom. The support they’ve gotten from their families at home has been tremendous.”

Jack Elwell – The Catholic University of America (Baseball)
Coach Pete Moore says:
“Jack is going to be going to Catholic University. Jack is a coachable and extremely driven athlete. He’s very athletic, and he’s strong, which is demonstrated by his warning track power. He’s fast and steals some bases, and he’s the guy you want in your corner. He’s going to compete every second down to the last out and a guy you want to go to battle with day in and day out. Jack, congratulations, you’re going to have a great career at Catholic.”

Logan Fischer – Lackawanna College (Baseball)
“Logan is going to Lackawanna. Logan is also a competitor, and I’m proud of how he’s matured. This year, particularly on the baseball field, being able to channel those emotions and use those emotions in a positive way has led to a lot of great things for him and for our team. Logan is a great teammate, a vocal leader who’s not afraid to say anything that he’s thinking, and saying things in a way that’s going to motivate others has become a strength of his this year. Logan’s got a lot of power. The thing I appreciate most about him as a player is he had his best games against the best competition, and I think that’s going to play well for him in college where he’ll have a great career at Lackawanna. Congratulations, Logan.”

Zach Greenberg – Limestone University (Baseball)
“Zach Greenberg will be going to catch at Limestone. Greenie is a tireless worker. We really only had one catcher at the varsity level, so Greenie was catching all the bullpens, catching all the practices and then getting all the work in the games and doing it at the highest level of any catcher I’ve ever had. We’ve had a lot of really good catchers at Hatboro-Horsham, and Zach is by far the best defensive catcher I’ve ever coached. I consider Zach self-made because he puts in an unbelievable amount of time to be as good as he can be and a leader amongst his peers. The thing I appreciated is the way he talked to everybody and tried to help everybody be better. Whether they were competing for his playing time or not, he was always working to make them better, which made us better. I know you’re going to have a great career at Limestone, congratulations.”