Hatboro-Horsham's Liott to Play Lacrosse at Gettysburg

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, Hatboro-Horsham senior Sophia Liott was recognized for committing to play lacrosse at Gettysburg College.

Sophia Liott – Gettysburg College (Lacrosse)

Coach Marie Schmucker says: “I have had opportunity to teach Sophia since middle school. When I saw her in physical education class, I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, she’s going to be an unbelievable student- athlete.’ She started playing lacrosse in third grade, so that gives an example of her work ethic and how outstanding she has become as a young woman on the field and off the field. Academically, she’s in the top 10 percent of her class. She’s not only a great student but a great athlete. When she’s on the field, she makes everyone else around her that much better. She is one of the most unbelievable, determined, dedicated student-athletes that I have had the opportunity to coach.
“Sophia is relentless, she’s a great leader with her teammates, and she scored her 100th goal this season. That is quite an accomplishment in lacrosse, especially as a midfielder. She plays both offense and defense. She’s relentless. It takes a special person to play in the midfield for lacrosse. I commend Sophia, I can’t tell you how proud I am. I want to thank her mom and dad for being behind the scenes and always being there and pushing her and taking her to athletic events so that she could become the outstanding student-athlete she is. Sophia is going to Gettysburg University as a biology and pre-med major, and that says a lot, so congratulations, Sophia. It’s been a pleasure teaching you, coaching you and I wish you the best of luck.”