North Penn Seniors Commit to Swim/Dive at the Collegiate Level

On Monday, Nov. 19, 2019, seven North Penn seniors were recognized for committing to continue their swimming/diving careers at the collegiate level.  To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.


Nicole Chiappa – University of Delaware (Swimming)

Major:  Nursing

Final list of colleges:  Delaware, Binghamton, Wagner

Reasons for choosing Delaware:  “I chose Delaware for the same reason every other athlete chooses it – you feel at home and welcomed to the team, and it makes going there a lot less scary.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Nicole Chiappa was a swimmer for the swimming team. I’m not going to read off any times or statistics as far as the sport is concerned. I want to talk about her demeanor and her presence on the deck – she always has a smile on her face, she’s always a happy person. She is someone who if you asked her to swim through a wall would literally try and put her face through a wall just to appease you and just to get the job done right. She’s been a key member to the success of North Penn swimming and water polo. She’s going to be greatly missed.”

About Nicole:

Favorite food:  Mashed Potatoes

Favorite movie:  Elf

Favorite artist:  Post Malone


Julia Davis – Duquesne University (Swimming)

Major: Nursing

Final list of colleges:  Duquesne, West Chester, Bloomsburg

Reasons for choosing Duquesne:  “I chose Duquesne because I loved the coaching staff and the team atmosphere. It’s a lot like it was here, and that’s what I liked about it.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Julia Davis is predominantly a breaststroker for our team. She’s also one of my locker room leaders. Whenever somebody is feeling down or there’s somebody I need to get a handle on, I turn to Julia to help me out and try and figure out how to get the dynamic back and moving in the right direction. She’s another tremendous hard worker. She had to overcome some adversity early in her career with some shoulder injuries, but she found her way through. She’s a key contributor to our program.”

About Julia:

Favorite food:  Tacos

Favorite TV show:  The Office

Favorite music:  Country


Caroline Dunigan – Ohio University (Swimming)

Major:  Exercise Physiology

Final list of colleges:  Ohio, Bucknell, Duquesne

Reasons for choosing Ohio:  “I chose Ohio because when I went there first on an unofficial visit, the girls on the team took time out of their day to tour me around, and they really made me feel at home even though I wasn’t there on an official visit. I went back on an official visit, and I had the same welcoming feeling, so it really felt like a new family for me.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Dunigans and Faikishs in North Penn Aquatics are kind of synonymous. There have been so many of us that have come through the program, and actually, we’ve all coached each other in roundabout different ways. Caroline is no different than that. She is a fantastic athlete – the starting goalie for our state champion water polo team and also a key member of relays and individual events in swimming. She has the type of grit and determination that (she) will do whatever it asks for to get it done. She will get that ball, keep it out of the goal, and even though the shot looks totally unstoppable, she’ll find a way to get it done. In swimming, it’s the same way. She’ll stand up next to someone twice her size. She’s got that bulldog determination. She’s got a lot of grit, and we’re going to miss that type of personality.”

About Caroline:

Favorite food:  Filet

Favorite movie:  Stripes

Favorite music:  Rap or Country


Sean Faikish – Notre Dame University (Swimming)

Major: Political Science

Final list of colleges:  Notre Dame, Auburn, Virginia

Reasons for choosing Notre Dame:  “The University of Notre Dame offered not only athletically but also academically everything I was looking for. Swimming can only take you so far. I had to look beyond swimming and all the connections in the alumni association that they have there is everything I was looking for.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Sean Faikish is my nephew. Not too many coaches can say they held their athlete as a baby, but Sean obviously I can. In the pool, Sean is a born leader. He is probably one of the hardest working swimmers or aquatic athletes to ever participate at North Penn. If not the greatest, he’s certainly one of the greatest athletes that North Penn Aquatics has ever seen. Some of his accomplishments have gotten him to extremely high levels. He will be competing at the United States Olympic Trials in June, which is an amazing accomplishment. He is also a starter and a captain of our water polo program and was a leader for that state championship team as well. Notre Dave is extremely fortunate to have his athleticism and his intelligence walk their fine campus.”

About Sean:

Favorite food:  Mac and Cheese

Favorite TV show:  Friends

Favorite music:  Pop


Maddy Freece – Liberty University (Diving)

Major:  Nursing

Final list of colleges:  Liberty, East Carolina, Florida State

Reasons for choosing Liberty:  “I chose Liberty because of the atmosphere and everything the school had to offer. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Maddy is another one of the extremely talented divers to come through the program over the past four years. She has such a bubbly and wonderful personality. She’s always having a great time, and her outlook on things is amazing. She has been a (four-year) contributor to our diving program. She’s extremely positive, and she’s a leader. She was a four-year district qualifier and a four-year state qualifier.”


Luke Schwar – Towson University (Swimming)

Major:  Exercise Science

Final list of colleges:  Towson, West Chester, Delaware

Reasons for choosing Towson:  “I chose Towson because I just loved it. When I got there, I made so many friends during two days. I can’t wait for the next four years.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Luke Schwar started off with our swimming program a little slow, and I say that to be funny because he is probably one of the fastest sprinters on our team. He is a tremendously hard worker. He will push himself to do things that would land him on any other sports team in the school. He loves to work hard, he loves to put the extra effort in, and if I ever ask to do more, he will absolutely be a part of the group working hardest to achieve what the next set of standards is. He has been a member of the swimming and water polo teams, and he’s a key contributor to both of those. His work ethic and his leadership skills based on his actions will be missed.”

About Luke:

Favorite food:  Ice Cream

Favorite movie:  Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite music:  Rap/R&B


Meghan Wenzel – University of Georgia (Diving)

Major:  Nursing

Final list of colleges:  Georgia, Virginia, Duke

Reasons for choosing Georgia:  “I chose Georgia because of all the supports they have for the athletes. They make you feel very at home and welcome there.”

Coach Jeff Faikish says:  “Meghan has an amazing prowess on the deck and on the diving board. She’s always calm, always cool, always collected, no matter what adversity is in her way. Her finishes at states were third, second and tied for first.”

About Meghan:

Favorite food:  French Fries

Favorite TV show:  NCIS

Favorite music:  Country