North Penn's Barrow Commits to Play Baseball at Bloomsburg

On Monday, Nov. 19, 2019, North Penn senior Kolby Barrow was recognized for committing to continue his baseball career at Bloomsburg University. Check back to view photos of the event.



Kolby Barrow – Bloomsburg University (Baseball)


Major:  Business


Reasons for choosing Bloomsburg:  “I was talking to other schools in the PSAC conference, and I chose Bloomsburg because when I went on my visit, everyone was really welcoming. I loved all the players and coaches, and my sister (Mikayla) also goes there. It will be nice to spend time with her too.”


Coach Kevin Manero says:  “For a sport like baseball, it’s very difficult to be in this position because you have to do all the stuff to get that recognition before your senior year even starts. At a school like North Penn High School where we have a whole bunch of kids try out for all of our sports and baseball is not a free-substitution sport – to get on the field and make enough of an impact in your first two years in high school and be able to sit up here today is a very difficult thing to do. It’s a testament to Kolby that he had an opportunity to sign that letter of intent before his senior season even starts.

“To make matters even more difficult, Kolby is what we would all consider to be very much a dying breed. Kolby is a three-sport athlete who plays three very different sports at a very high level in three very different seasons. In the very competitive and crazy world of recruiting, for a kid that’s playing baseball, basketball and football and is doing things in the summertime to get ready for football season, there’s almost no time left in the calendar to get a name for himself and go to showcases and camps and things like that to be recruited. For Kolby to be here really shows you the ability and the talent that he has.

“Kolby first came to us as a freshman, and he played on the jayvee team because we just weren’t sure where his levels were going to be. He had a good year as a freshman on jayvee. His sophomore year when we had a little bit of a question about whether he’d be a position player or a pitcher, he gets out on the mound in one of our first games of the season on our spring trip against a varsity team out of New Jersey, a very strong program. He got up there on the mound, and he was 100 percent of what you would expect out of a senior, and he was only a sophomore. He’s a total competitor, a bulldog, he has an aggressive mentality – everything you want in a competitive athlete who’s wired to win. That’s what our first impression was of Kolby Barrow, and that’s what multi-sport athletes do. They learn how to compete, they learn how to win, they’re tough, they adjust.

“It’s not for everybody, but Kolby is a great testament to the fact that kids can still play multiple sports, be very good at all of them and have a chance to play at the next level. His best is yet to come this year. He’s going to be 100 percent healthy, and he’s going to do great things.”


About Kolby:

Favorite food:  Churros

Favorite TV show:  Limitless

Favorite music:  Rap