North Penn's Freece Competing in Water Polo at Iona

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, North Penn senior Robert Freece was recognized for committing to continue his water polo career at Iona College.

Robert Freece – Iona College (Water Polo)

Major: Criminal Psychology & Justice

Reasons for choosing Iona: “One of the reasons I chose Iona was because it was very welcoming, and I really liked the campus, and, of course, the coach was awesome. He kind of reminded me of Grubb a little bit, so it made things easier.”

Coach Jason Grubb says:  “Bobby has been a huge part of our team the past four years, his senior year especially. He was first team all-state. He might be in line for an All-American spot as well. He came into last year as a center defender, which means he is going to play against the other team’s biggest and best player in the middle of the pool. I tried something out this year because I saw that he could function at both ends. He was playing center defense, and then he would go play center immediately at the other end of the pool. If you’ve ever seen our sport, he’s basically wrestling for 15 seconds in deep water, swimming the length of the pool and wrestling for another 15 seconds. Because of his dedication, he’d be very tired. He’s like, ‘I’m good, I’m good,’ but the other guy would already be out of the water, catching his breath. In our final game against La Salle where their center is a very large human being, he was taking ejections and he was almost fouled out of the game because Bobby was getting him in trouble on the offensive end. That was one of our key decisions we did to win a state championship this year. I don’t think I’ll ever have a player again that can do something like that - it’s extremely difficult. It’s tough to lose him, but I know Iona College is very excited. I know their coach well. He’s excited to have Bobby on campus. Congratulations, Bobby.”
About Robert:
Favorite food:
Favorite movie: Maze Runner
Favorite music: Rap

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