North Penn's Voss Commits to Play Water Polo at Saint Francis

On Friday, April 26, 2019, North Penn senior Madeleine Voss was recognized for committing to continue her water polo career at Saint Francis University. Check back for a gallery photos of the event.

Madeleine Voss – Saint Francis University (Water Polo)

Major:  Physical Therapy

Final list of colleges:  Saint Francis, Widener

Reasons for choosing Saint Francis:  “I chose Saint Francis because I just really liked the team and the whole campus aspect.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in water polo at the collegiate level?  “I’ve been playing polo since I was in sixth grade. I wasn’t really looking to play polo in college, but when the opportunity arose, I chose to do it.”

Coach Jason Grubb says:  “Madeleine has been an excellent player for us for the past few years. She’s a very stable and a very versatile player. We’ve told her to play in the middle of the pool, we’ve told her to play  on the outside of the pool. We can make her play defense, we can make her play offense, and she’s been an unbelievable addition to the success of our program. Her junior year she had many big goals in the final game when she was not a starter. She jumped into that starting role as a senior and led to our sixth straight state championship this year. I know the Saint Francis coach very well, and he’s very excited to have Madeleine join her team. They’re an up and coming team right now, and I know he’s excited, he’s ready to get her on campus, and I know she’s going to succeed at that university.”

Meet Madeleine:
Favorite food: 
Favorite TV show:  Friends
Favorite music:  Country