Pennsbury's Deitch to Swim at American University

Pennsbury senior Will Deitch has committed to continue his swimming career at American University. (Photo provided)


Will Deitch – American University (Swimming)


Major:  Undecided


Final list of colleges:  American, Lafayette, Gettysburg


Reasons for choosing American:  “Being in DC – it’s such a nice city. There are so many internship opportunities, and I liked the team more.”


What was the progression that led you to swimming at the collegiate level?  “I have always wanted to swim in college. I never really wanted to stop after high school. I’ve always enjoyed it, and I’ve always been lucky enough to be good enough to carry on to the next level.

“I went on an unofficial visit to see the school last spring, and the coach happened to be in the office. I went in and talked to him, and that established the communication.”


Coach Nick Lucca says:  “Will is really our definitive role model. He led by example. He was one of those kids that really didn’t have to say much to get the others on the same track that he was on. He was on the track to make it to states, to go the whole way. Every day we knew that Will had a goal in mind. If someone in our practice was not in line with that, he didn’t have to say much to them to get them on target.

“We always relied on him to compete well. He always swam first. It was clear that he put the team before himself every meet and every practice. He was a captain, and he had an important role in the leadership itself. The kids looked up to him, and he accepted that and really cultivated that in everything he did.

“Will always anchored our freestyle relays. It didn’t matter how much space he had to catch up to – he swam as if it was a close race the entire time. Some of his best swims were done like that where he was either holding somebody off or he was trying to catch up to them. One particular race that comes to mind was the 200 medley at SOLs this past season – even though they didn’t win the event, it really showed the conference what they were made of.

“Whatever team he goes to, it will take no time for them to realize how important he’s going to be. In the sport of swimming, it’s so mental. Every team member has that kind of responsibility to support each other, and he does that unconditionally without even being asked. It’s something he picked up on long ago, perhaps when he was a freshman or in middle school, and that’s something he identified with and understands that’s now you have not only a successful season but a fun season.”


About Will:

Favorite food:  Cheesesteak

Favorite movie:  Interstellar

Favorite music:  Rock



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