Pennsbury's Georgevich Commits to Dive at Loyola University Maryland

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022, Pennsbury senior Kassidy Georgewich was recognized for committing to continue her diving career at Loyola University Maryland. (Photos provided courtesy of Jennifer Neill/Pennsbury High School)



Kassidy Georgewich – Loyola University Maryland (Diving)


Major:  Speech pathology with a minor in psychology


Final list of colleges:  Loyola, George Mason, Youngstown State, Clarion, La Salle, Drexel


Reasons for choosing Loyola:  “Loyola was my last official visit, so I got to see all of the campus, talked to a lot of the team, saw the dorms and cafeteria. Everything fit what I was looking for in a college. It was a beautiful campus – green, open with trees, flowers, grass. The coaching staff was great, and the pool was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t ask for a better pool. All the teammates were just - ‘If you have any questions, let us know.’ They were very welcoming. It was just a really good environment, so I made my decision after my visit. I committed right on the spot.”


What was the progression that led you to competing in diving at the collegiate level?  “I was a gymnast for nine-and-a-half years until middle school. Then I transitioned into diving, which is somewhat like gymnastics with the flips and the twists and all, so in middle school until high school, I did three sports. I did volleyball, track and dive, and then I started to get more serious with dive, so I stopped volleyball, and I only ran track for high school to stay in shape and have fun. Dive became my main sport. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up diving yet. I wanted to continue it and see if I could progress and accomplish new things and goals, so I decided to try it in college.”


Coach Will Beliveau says:  “What stands out about Kassidy is how driven she is and how dedicated she is to the sport. As soon as she puts her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she achieves that. All of her reverse dives are amazing, and she had really great backs this year. Her hurdle on the board is what helps her excel. She has a great hurdle and gets a lot of height out of it. She’s always wanting to get better, and even though she can be hard on herself sometimes, that just shows me how dedicated she is and how much she loves the sport.”


About Kassidy:

Favorite food:  Pasta

Favorite movie: Paper Towns

Favorite music:  Pop


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