Quakertown Trio Commits to Play Collegiate Baseball

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Quakertown seniors Ty Everitt, Thomas Kozlusky and Peyton Kochel were recognized for committing to continue their baseball careers at the collegiate level. (Photos provided courtesy of Jennifer Banas/QCHS)



Ty Everitt – Washington College (Baseball)

Major: Undecided

Final list of colleges:  Washington College, Ursinus, Lebanon Valley

Reasons for choosing Washington College:  “Washington stood out. I like the coach a lot. He was the most aggressive to go after me. It meant a lot, and it made me feel like I was wanted there, and that was a big part of it. The area they’re located – it’s a small town kind of like Quakertown, and it’s right along a river, which I like. It was just like Quakertown, so it felt like home as soon I got there. It just felt comfortable all around.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in baseball at the collegiate level?  “Baseball – it’s been my life pretty much ever since I was old enough to join little league. I always knew I wanted to play in college. It was just a matter of when I was going to start getting recruited and what colleges showed interest.”

Coach Jon Pallone says:  “Ty got a little bit of time freshman year on varsity. He would have likely gotten a lot of time as a sophomore in a season that was shortened because of COVID. As a junior, Ty was a captain, which is a testament to his leadership. He’s one of the first ones at practice every day, and he’s always the last one to go, making sure everything is taken care of, and he definitely takes a leadership role. He is elite in his work ethic. He puts in as much or more work than any player that I’ve had. He’s an outstanding person on and off the field. He’s a leader on the field obviously, but he’s also a leader in the classroom and in the community as well. Ty doesn’t just say the right things, he does them and he leads others to do them as well.”

About Ty:

Favorite food: Chipotle Burritos

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite music:  SoundCloud Pop Mashups 


Peyton Kochel – Delaware Valley University (Baseball)

Major: Business

Final list of colleges:  Delaware Valley, Scranton, Alvernia

Reasons for choosing Del Val:  “I think Del Val was the right fit for me because it’s more or less like a high school – it’s smaller. I’m kind of a quiet guy, and it just felt like it fit me for the long run. A new coach is coming in this year for baseball, so I’m excited. He said he’s ready to turn around the program, and I think he’s doing the right things for that.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in baseball at the collegiate level?  “I wanted to play in college when I was around 11 or 12, and I thought I wasn’t good enough until high school when I realized I could play at the next level.”

Coach Jon Pallone says:  “Peyton plays much larger than he actually is. Last fall, he led us in extra base hits, but it wasn’t because he’s a big power hitter. He batted fourth for us, and it was kind of a joke for us - we thought we had the tiniest four hitter in the league, but he did the job and he did it well. What he does when he’s at the plate – he goes up and he has great at-bats. He hits the ball where it’s pitched in a day when everyone is trying to hit the ball as far as possible. He isn’t afraid to hit the ball to the opposite field or on the ground in order to score a run. He’s grown a ton since his freshman year. He now has a much more serious approach on and off the field as well. It’s a lot of the small things he does that a lot of people who don’t know the game that well don’t really notice, but those that know the game and appreciate the game see those small things that he does and how it adds up make a big difference.”

About Peyton:

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite TV show: Stranger Things

Favorite artist: Drake


Thomas Kozlusky – Eastern University (Baseball)

Major:  Engineering

Final list of colleges:  Eastern, Franklin & Marshall, Haverford

Reasons for choosing Eastern:  “The engineering program at Eastern was my favorite program of them all. I felt that was the school I had the best chance of playing at early in my college career. I loved the campus, and the coach is great.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in baseball at the collegiate level?  “It’s always something I’ve wanted to do, but I was never really sure if I would have the opportunity. Throughout high school, I worked really hard, and I was able to get better and better. Luckily, right now I have the opportunity to do so.”

Coach Jon Pallone says:  “The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tommy is how hard he works. I frequently see him and his brother or Ty (Everitt) down at the QYBA and Connie Mack fields getting extra swings in or getting work in on the field, getting extra reps any way that he can. Tommy doesn’t just work hard – he also works smart. We’ve played around a little bit with some software with a little sensor you put on the bat, and it connects to on-line data, and you can actually get your swing angle. Tommy and Ty actually both became our experts in that field, working a lot on developing their swings. Tommy, in particular, really used the data from that software. He brought that to the other players as well. He’s probably developed the most physically – if not overall – in four years that I’ve seen him. He is an example to show young guys what happens when you have a passion for the sport, drive and dedication. He hasn’t just grown vertically, he’s also grown in his strength, which is due to his dedication in the weight room. He does a lot of the small things very well. He doesn’t chase bad pitches, which results in seeing a lot of pitches and finding a way to get on base. He’s also made position changes – he’s a versatile player, and he’s always helping others. He’s a quiet leader who may not be at the front leading the charge at all times, but he will set the example without creating the attention. He also has no problem approaching teammates in a non-confrontational manner on the side in a way to get things done properly.”

About Thomas:

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite movie: The Sandlot

Favorite music: Hip Hop & Pop


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