Quakertown's Pierce to Play Baseball at Chesapeake

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Quakertown senior Brandon Pierce was recognized for committing to continue his baseball career at Chesapeake College.

Brandon Pierce – Chesapeake College (Baseball)

Major: Business Management

Reasons for choosing Chesapeake:  “Close to home – not too far and a good baseball team.”

Coach Jon Pallone says: “Over the last four years of getting to know Brandon, he’s grown so much on and off the field. It’s been such a pleasure to witness that growth. He found a great fit at Chesapeake, and that decision demonstrates the growth that he’s made. Many players just chase the Division 1 and 2 dream and don’t consider all the variables. He’s weighed all those variables and found a great program with a high level of baseball that fits him. The last two years, Brandon batted either second or third for the team and was a key contributor for us. He’s made all-league each season.
“Brandon worked his way to being a captain for us during the season this year. He often does many small things that people don’t usually notice and speaks up when things need to be said. One example was early in the season at Myrtle Beach. We were at the jayvee scrimmage, and one of the guys hit a ground ball to the right side with two strikes to move the runner over. Brandon made the whole entire team – varsity guys, jayvee guys – get up and celebrate that guy who sacrificed his at-bat to move a runner over to help the team win.
“Another situation earlier in the year at batting practice – a day after hitting a home run, many of the players were trying to hit as many out of Memorial Park as they could. It was one of the few times we practiced there. I don’t think Brandon hit a single one out, and someone said something to him, ‘So-and-so hit four out, so-and-so hit three out.’ Brandon said, ‘I’m not trying to hit any out, I’m trying to find barrels so I can do better in the game the next time.’ He may realize it or he may not, but that makes a big impact on the rest of the guys. Instead of trying to just show off, he’s trying to get better. He just wants to get better and be a good player, and he does that.”

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