Six Souderton Seniors to Play Collegiate Soccer

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, six Souderton seniors were recognized for committing to continue their soccer careers at the collegiate level.  To view photos of the event, please click on the following link:

Kailee Harwick – Wilkes University (Soccer)
Final list of colleges:  Wilkes, East Stroudsburg, Millersville
Reasons for choosing Wilkes: “I chose Wilkes because of their pharmacy program.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “My favorite memory is everyone barking after I scored.”
Coach Lindsy Jones says:  “When I think of Kailee, I think of her as a very smart player. She’s very intelligent about her positioning and the way she reads the ball.”
Assistant coach Ian Smith says:  “If you didn’t know Kailee, you might think – ‘Oh, she’s calm or maybe not engaged,’ but she’s so smart that it looks effortless. Given her position at center back, she sees the whole field, and she uses that to her advantage. That’s how she steps in and wins balls and makes a name for herself.”
About Kailee:
Favorite food: 
Chicken Parmesan
Favorite TV show:  Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite music:  Country

Miranda Kullmann – East Stroudsburg University (Soccer)
Exercise Science
Final list of colleges: East Stroudsburg, Eastern, West Chester
Reasons for choosing East Stroudsburg:  “I picked East Stroudsburg because they have a really good exercise science and kinesiology program, and I liked their soccer program.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Winning states”
Coach Lindsy Jones says:  “Miranda is aggressive, she’s fiery, she’s focused, she’s passionate, and she shows it. Miranda takes that energy, and she tries to help motivate the rest of the team. She’s a great motivator.”
Assistant coach Ian Smith says:  “Miranda is one of the hardest tacklers of the ball I’ve ever seen – boy, girl, man, woman. When Miranda is going in to make a tackle, nine times out of 10 she’s winning the ball and coming out on top, which is why she was a good pairing with Kailee because Kailee would play off that little bit.”
About Miranda:
Favorite food: 
Buffalo Chicken
Favorite TV show:  The Office
Favorite music:  Taylor Swift

Lindsey Pazdziorko – Towson University (Soccer)
Exercise Science
Final list of colleges:  Towson, Drexel, St. Joseph’s
Reasons for choosing Towson:  “I chose Towson because of the coaches and the players and the program of study that I’m going into.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “After we came home from Hershey celebrating in the school.”
Coach Lindsy Jones says:  “Lindsey is one of the best goalkeepers I’ve ever seen – she is amazing. One-on-one – if a player was coming at her on a breakaway, she saved most of them, if not all of them. Her read of the ball, her ability to position herself appropriately in the goal – she’s just phenomenal. She’s focused, she takes the game seriously, and she works really, really hard. She’s very goal oriented, she’s passionate about it, and she brings that to the team.”
Assistant coach Ian Smith says:  “My favorite thing about Lindsey is she’s everything you’d want in a goalkeeper in the sense that she’s a leader and especially vocally, which is so important. She truly sees all of the field at any given point in the game, and you need somebody in that position to be vocal, to direct traffic when things are getting crazy. On top of being an excellent goalkeeper, she brought that, which was all I can ask of her.”
About Lindsey:
Favorite food: 
Mac ‘N Cheese

Favorite TV show/movie:  NCIS/She’s the Man
Favorite music:  Samm Henshaw

Campbell Power – Bloomsburg University (Soccer)
Final list of colleges:  Bloomsburg, Hood College, Penn College
Reasons for choosing Bloomsburg:  “I chose Bloomsburg because of the nursing program and soccer program.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “The bus ride home from Hershey (after winning the state title).”
Coach Lindsy Jones says:  “To me, her leadership just pours out. I just think about how people respect her. She is very knowledgeable about the game. She is such a powerhouse in the center. She is so technically sound, and her ability to control the ball in the center – that’s exactly what you need from a center mid. She not only has the ability to lead on the field but also off the field.”
Assistant coach Ian Smith says:  “Leadership is exactly what it is. When things weren’t going the team’s way, if we weren’t getting the results that we wanted, it was personal for her. She took it as – it’s my responsibility to fix this, and that permeates through the whole team, that attitude that things aren’t going the way we want them to, and we need to fix it. That was a big key to our success this year.”
About Campbell:
Favorite food: 
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Favorite TV show:  Friends
Favorite music:  Khalid

Sara Readinger – University of Pennsylvania (Soccer)
Final list of colleges:  Penn, Dartmouth, Drexel, Villanova, Boston University
Reasons for choosing Penn:  “I chose Penn because it gave me a good balance of academics and athletics.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Singing karaoke in the LGI for one of our practices.”
Coach Lindsy Jones says:  “Sara is one of the best players I’ve ever seen at Souderton High School. Her ability to hold the ball, disseminate the ball, win the ball, head the ball, shots from 40 yards out – she was just an all-around fantastic player. She would have two people marking her, and we would still give her the ball, and she’d still find a way to deliver the ball and not lose it. Maybe she wasn’t as vocal as some of the other leaders on the team, but she led by example every single day with her attitude and with how she handled things. I never saw her get angry, I never saw her lash out at another player. She has this calmness about her and was just phenomenal in terms of how she handles herself.”
Assistant coach Ian Smith says:  “First and foremost, Sara is one of the most well-rounded players I’ve ever seen. She wins head balls, she wins tackles, she controls the midfield. Her passing is on point. She’s scoring from 40 yards out consistently, but on top of that, she’s one of those people that I wish I could take what she has and give it to the rest of the team. She’s somebody who shows up everyday, and she comes with the attitude of – how am I going to get better today? No matter what the practice was or where we were at in the season, she gives it her all even on the most insignificant of days, which is so important because it raises the level of play of the people around her. That’s just who she is. She wants to get better, and that’s key.”
About Sara:
Favorite food: 
Favorite TV show:  New Girl
Favorite music:  Khalid

Allie Trick – DeSales University (Soccer)
Final list of colleges:  DeSales, Bucknell, Delaware
Reasons for choosing DeSales:  “I chose DeSales for their amazing nursing program.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Singing as loud as we can on the bus rides home after a big win.”
Coach Lindsy Jones says:  “Allie didn’t play this year (because of an injury), but I had the opportunity to coach her as a freshman and observe her as a sophomore and junior. Allie always has a positive attitude, which I love about her. She works hard, she is aggressive, she’s fast, and she goes to goal. She has an eye for the goal all the time, but what I love is her positive attitude and the brightness she brings to a team.”
Assistant coach Ian Smith says:  “It’s hard for me to speak too much about Allie because this is my first year coaching with the team, and she was out with a knee injury. However, she was a big part of the team, and just her positive influence was huge. Despite the circumstances of her injury, she always had a smile on her face, and when she could, she always showed up and worked her butt off to get back in shape so she could be ready to come back and be the player she was in high school in college.”
About Allie:
Favorite food: 
Ice Cream
Favorite TV show:  NCIS
Favorite music:  Pop