Souderton Trio to Play Collegiate Lacrosse

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, Souderton seniors Kain Turner, Axell Beskar & Cole Witoslawski were recognized for committing to continue their lacrosse careers at the collegiate level.  To view photos of the event, please click on the following link:

Axell Beskar – Moravian College (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges: Moravian, Susquehanna, Hartwick
Reasons for choosing Moravian:  “I chose Moravian because I got along best with the team there, and they had a great economics program.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Beating North Penn”
Coach Mark Princehorn says:  “There are not enough words to explain what Axell has done for this program. Axell is a three-year starter, and early in the spring set a single-game save record with 26 saves. Axell has been the foundation of our defense. He’s kept us in so many games and single-handedly won a lot of games for us with his excellent play. He continues to get better every time he touches the field. As far as saving the ball and also the clearing game, he brings another level that makes all 10 guys on the field better. Axell’s growth as a player has been second to none. He’s a guy who takes perfecting his craft very seriously. He works year round to try and be the best goalie he can possibly be. He’ll be attending Moravian this fall, and right off the bat, nobody can tell me that he won’t be in contention for the starting job after how well his senior year has gone. I’m looking forward to great things out of him in his collegiate career, and I’m excited to watch how much better he will continue to push himself to be.”
About Axell:
Favorite food:  Burgers
Favorite TV show:  Trailer Park Boys
Favorite music:  Trap

Kain Turner – Wilkes University (Lacrosse)
Electrical Engineering
Final list of colleges:  Wilkes, Widener
Reasons for choosing Wilkes:  “I chose Wilkes because of the great campus and the great team.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Being part of a movement from a 3-15 season to a 16-3 season.”
Coach Mark Princehorn says:  “Kain Turner was a four-year player for us, and his growth as a leader and as a player has been incredible to watch over the course of not only the past season but his four-year career here. Kane brings a high level of dedication, a very competitive edge and determination to every practice, every game. He’s a guy who really holds the rest of the defense accountable, and through his own play and his own performance, he makes those guys around him better. Kane Turner is going to Wilkes. He’s going to have a great career there. Wilkes is not only getting a great player, but they’re getting a fantastic leader as well.”
About Kain:
Favorite food:  Burgers
Favorite TV show:  Trailer Park Boys
Favorite music:  Country

Cole Witoslawski – Widener University (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges:  Widener, Chestnut Hill, Misericordia
Reasons for choosing Widener:  “I chose Widener because it was overall the best fit.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Scoring eight goals against Quakertown.”
Coach Mark Princehorn says:  “Shooting the ball is a work of art, and I have not coached anybody that takes perfecting his craft more seriously than Cole. Cole shoots before practice, he warms up the goalies during practice, and he stays and shoots after practice. Cole can score and hit shots at any level. He’s a great inside finisher, he’s a great shooter on the run, and he’s got a great time and room shot. He’s been able to hit every shot from anywhere on the offensive end of the field, and not only is he a fantastic offensive player, but his ability to push transition, play defense and play between the boxes has been something that has just elevated his game to become one of the best midfielders in the Suburban One. Cole will be attending Widener, and he’ll be looking to play right away. Cole is a fantastic talent, and he’s a guy who also holds himself and his teammates to the highest standard. Cole was our captain that really held the rest of the team accountable, and his growth as a leader has also been wonderful to see along with his development as a player. I’m really excited about him, and I’m so excited for Widener with getting such a fantastic player. Cole set a single game scoring record with eight goals. I’m excited to see him over the next four years.”
About Cole:
Favorite food: French Fries
Favorite TV show:  Trailer Park Boys
Favorite music:  Country