Souderton's Bealer & Walbrandt to Play Basketball at DeSales

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, Souderton seniors Megan Bealer and Megan Walbrandt were recognized for committing to continue their basketball careers at DeSales University.  To view photos of the event, please click on the following link:

“Megan Walbrandt and Megan Bealer have been just huge contributors to the success we had the last three years especially,” coach Lynn Carroll said. “We’re looking at 73 wins in three years, and the two of them started almost every single one of those games. Their growth from freshman year to now has been so much fun to watch, and I really feel as though those two gave it all to the program. They’re great, great friends, and I think they can do something special at DeSales. I’m excited to see them play.”

Megan Bealer – DeSales University (Basketball)
Final list of colleges:  DeSales, Jefferson University, Chestnut Hill
Reasons for choosing DeSales: “I chose DeSales because of the nursing program, and the campus just felt like the best fit for me.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Playing with my friends and winning districts.”
Coach Lynn Carroll says: “Megan Bealer, as a freshman, played jayvee, and at the end of season at our banquet in the past, we’ve always given a rising star award. We give it to a jayvee player who we see a future to be something special and with a lot of potential. Megan received that award as a freshman, and her sophomore year we weren’t quite sure if she would be ready. She didn’t start the beginning of her sophomore season and then just earned her way into the starting lineup and never left, hitting threes from beyond NBA range and becoming a very, very reliable defender. She dealt with some adversity and overcame it. She’s another kid you can look back and think that she was a special kid who helped make this program a special one for now and for the future.”

Megan Walbrandt – DeSales University (Basketball)
Final list of colleges:  DeSales, Muhlenberg, Bucknell
Reasons for choosing DeSales:  “I chose DeSales because it was the best fit for me.”
Favorite high school sports memory:  “Winning districts.”
Coach Lynn Carroll says:  “Megan Walbrandt is one of the fiercest competitors I have ever coached. That kid, especially defensively – she takes it seriously, and she does not want to get beat. If her kid scores, she’s not happy about it, and she’s going to do what she can to fix it the next time. She has defended some of the area’s best, best players, kids playing at high level Division 1 programs, and with her athleticism, intelligence and determination, she’s proven she can defend kids at that level.
“Megan didn’t start the beginning of her freshman year, but we figured it out that she has started more games and won more games than any player in program history. She’s played more games than anybody, and that’s a legacy. That’s something that I think has an impact on a program for years to come. Kids know her name – middle school and elementary school kids maybe are playing basketball now because they went and watched this group of kids play over the last three years.”