Tennent's Cosenza to Play Football at Kutztown University

William Tennent senior Derrick Cosenza was recognized for committing to continue his football career at Kutztown University. (Photo provided by William Tennent HS)



Derrick Cosenza – Kutztown University (Football)


Coach Rich Clemens says:  “Derrick was out (with an injury) for the first couple of games last season, but he’s a great kid, he’s an exceptional athlete, and Kutztown had seen enough film to see that. They brought him up for a visit, and he loved it. He’s up there, and I’m expecting him to do really well. Derrick and Ryan Emmerich - both in non-COVID years would be at the next level up where Ryan would be a Division 2 guy, and Derrick would be Division 1 because Derrick was on Villanova’s short list, but now they’re bringing all their kids back because last year didn’t count (toward their eligibility). Defensively, Derrick’s a pass rushing outside linebacker, so he’s an outside linebacker in a 3-4, and that’s where he projects at defensively.”