Truman's Gipli & Paulson Commit to Play Collegiate Football

On Monday, June 3, 2019, Harry S Truman seniors Gabe Gipli and Enzo Paulson were recognized for committing to continue their football careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:

Gabe Gipli – East Stroudsburg University (Football)
Business Management/Administration
Final list of colleges:  East Stroudsburg, St. Francis, Monmouth
Reasons for choosing East Stroudsburg:  “When I met with the coach, he was really energetic. I like their process. It’s in a rebuilding stage just like we went through at Truman, and I’m looking forward to helping build up that program too.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in football at the collegiate level? “Since I was little, we always had goals of playing in college and making it to the NFL, so everything we’ve worked for is happening now.”
Coach Mike LaPalombara says:  “Gabe is good overall player. He can plug a lot of holes and play a lot of positions. A year ago, he was playing defensive end for us, and this past year, we moved him to inside linebacker, which he’d never played before. He adapted very well and was a big impact on what we did defensively. Gabe was a captain of our team, so his leadership was evident to the kids as well as to the coaches as well as to the league. He made first team all-league linebacker and played in the senior all-star game and did a great job. He made some really good plays. I expect Gabe be successful playing in college. A lot of kids go to college in the PSAC level league and they don’t really pan out. They’re there a semester and realize this isn’t for them. I can see him playing four straight years. He has so much room to grow and get bigger. He can really get big and thick. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching him play football.”
About Gabe:
Favorite food: 
African Food
Favorite movie:  Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Favorite music:  Hip Hop

Enzo Paulson – Delaware Valley University (Football)
Sports Management
Final list of colleges: Del Val, Lebanon Valley, King’s, Wesley
Reasons for choosing Del Val:  “It was close to home, the money was right, and I just felt more comfortable when I went on a visit.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in football at the collegiate level?  “Ever since I was a kid, I just loved the game of football, and as I got older, I got better. My talent was good enough to go to the next level, so I’m just going to continue to play until I can’t play anymore.”
Coach Mike LaPalombara says:  “Enzo is a kid with a lot of talent that could play a lot of positions, and we used him in a lot of positions. He was a major contributor to our success for two years. It’s a shame he got hurt the first year and was out, but he made up for that his second year. I thought in the senior all-star game he really stood out as well too. I thought he would get the MVP, but obviously, he didn’t get it, and I was a little disappointed.
“Enzo has this thing that when he plays he believes in his ability so much that he actually can bring that to the field. A lot of kids believe in themselves, but they really don’t have the talent. Enzo does that. At our banquet, I said he always seems like he has to prove himself, but he never really did because we always believed in what he could do. He was a beast for us at times. When we played Downingtown West, it was non-stop giving the ball to him, especially when we were down and had to score a touchdown. We drove all the way down the field just giving the ball to Enzo. Then we threw the two-point conversion to him, and he caught that as well. He played defense for us, he played offense for us, which is pretty tough, especially in our league. He’s got a lot of tools.”
About Enzo:
Favorite food:
Cheese Fries
Favorite movie:  Drumline
Favorite music:  Meek Mill