Upper Dublin's Breslin & Braun to Swim Collegiately

On Monday, Nov. 18, 2019, Upper Dublin seniors Aly Breslin and Elle Braun were recognized for committing to continue their swimming careers at the collegiate level. To view photos, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:  https://solsports.zenfolio.com/p286492196



Aly Breslin – University of Tennessee (Swimming)

Major:  Undecided

Final list of colleges:  Tennessee, Penn State, Alabama

Reasons for choosing Tennessee:  “I chose Tennessee because I liked the team atmosphere, and I felt it was a place that I knew I could improve.”

What was the progression that led you to swimming at the collegiate level?  “I played lacrosse up until sophomore year of high school. After districts sophomore year, I realized I was more into swimming, and it was just something that I wanted to do more than I wanted to play lacrosse.”

Coach Pat Redican says:  “Aly is the kind of kid that has just blossomed in four years while she’s been here. She is a multi-sport athlete that finally just gave herself to swimming last year fulltime. She’s probably one of the most athletic swimmers I’ve ever coached. She could probably play anything. That having been said, she’s also very, very focused. She has a great work ethic, and every year she keeps making bigger and bigger contributions. Her specialties are the IM and breaststroke, but I can literally put her in any event, and she’d be our stopper. She’d be the person who could probably beat almost anybody else in the pool given any event. She’s that versatile.”

About Aly:

Favorite food:  Pasta

Favorite movie:  Mall Cop

Favorite music:  Country



Elle Braun – University of Wisconsin (Swimming)

Major:  Elementary Education or Physical Therapy

Final list of colleges: Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama

Reasons for choosing Wisconsin: “The reason I chose Wisconsin is because of how nice the team and the coaches are, and they have the majors I want to get into.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in swimming at the collegiate level?  “From age seven when I started, I always liked it better than the other sports I played. It was the sport I wanted to take on, but I still played my other sports until eighth grade when I made my decision.”

Coach Pat Redican says:  “Elle is our distance specialist. She puts in the most yardage of anybody on our team by far in preparation for her events. She swims the 200 and the 500, but she also was important to us in any of the freestyle events, especially the relays. She trains really hard, and even though we’re always asking for more from her, she’s always willing to give it. Both Aly and Elle have been on our free relays since they were freshmen, and they’ve got two state golds and one state silver in those events. Elle is a really humble and kind of quiet kid who has a great smile. She’s kind of the mom of the team. A lot of the younger kids will come to her because she’s so open.

About Elle:

Favorite food:  Chicken Nuggets

Favorite movie:  A Star is Born

Favorite music:  Pop




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