Upper Dublin's DiMartile & Jensen will Swim Collegiately

On Monday, Nov. 18, 2019, Upper Dublin seniors Jake DiMartile and Matthew Jensen were recognized for committing to continue their swimming careers at the collegiate level. To view photos, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:  https://solsports.zenfolio.com/p286492196



Jake DiMartile – University of Wisconsin (Swimming)

Major:  Undecided

Final list of colleges:  Wisconsin, Duke, Georgetown

Reasons for choosing Wisconsin:  “I chose Wisconsin because it had the complete package for what I was looking for. I wanted a great academic school with a lot of other things to offer – other sporting events, football games I can go to and have other teams to root for. Wisconsin also treated their swimmers like their football players in the sense that academically they have the same resources. They can get tutors, see teachers, and Wisconsin provided that better than another other school I looked at, and that’s ultimately why I chose Wisconsin.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in swimming at the collegiate level?  “I started swimming when I was two or three years old. My mom threw me in YMCA swimming lessons, and every year she used to ask me – do you want to swim again this year? I always said yes. I got to seventh grade when I realized – this is what I want to do. If I can do it, if I can go to college and swim, that’s the sport I want to do. I’ve always had a love for it ever since I started doing it, and here I am.”

Coach Geoff Scheurer says:  “Jake is a backstroker and IMer. He’s a natural leader, he’s a great overall athlete, he’s extremely passionate and enthusiastic, and he’s a heck of a worker.”

About Jake:

Favorite food:  Cheesesteak

Favorite movie:  Blind Side

Favorite artist:  The Killers



Matthew Jensen – University of California, Berekley

Major: Computer Science

Final list of colleges:  Cal Berkeley, Virginia, North Carolina State

Reasons for choosing Cal: “The swim program it has is a little bit different than the other schools that I was looking at because it has a separate men’s and women’s program. Most college teams have combined programs with one head coach and multiple assistants. Cal’s a little bit different. The atmosphere of the team is just amazing, and it’s what produces such great swimmers, and the school itself is just amazing. It’s one of the top-ranked public schools in the country.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in swimming at the collegiate level?  “I played a lot of sports when I was younger like a lot of kids, but I was always best at swimming. My brothers were both swimmers, and both swam through high school and college, so I saw them swimming really fast and I wanted to be like them when I was younger. We have such good coaches here too. The Upper Dublin Aquatic Club swim program is amazing. I think that kept me there too because I kept making big improvements, so I really enjoyed it and stuck with it all the way.”

Coach Geoff Scheurer says:  “Matthew Jensen is highly intelligent, he’s extremely versatile, he’s a very cerebral swimmer, very disciplined and married that discipline to an incredible natural ability. He’s been committed to swimming since he was five years old and has carried on his family’s legacy while forging his own path in a lot of ways.”

About Matthew:

Favorite food:  Chicken Parmesan

Favorite movie:  The Dark Knight

Favorite artist:  Dire Straights



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