Upper Moreland Trio to Compete in Collegiate Lacrosse

On Friday, April 1, 2022, Upper Moreland seniors Riley Mullen, Emma Hurley and Sophia Hopf were recognized for committing to compete in lacrosse at the collegiate level.

Sophia Hopf – Immaculata University (Lacrosse)
Reasons for choosing Immaculata:  “I was considering not doing lacrosse at all and going to Temple. As we got into the season, I realized this couldn’t be my last season, and I wanted to continue playing in college. Immaculata was so welcoming. I toured and met the coach firsthand.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level? “My friend Riley (Mullen) is going to Immaculata, and she said I should at least give it a shot. I emailed the coach, and she was so quick to get back to me.”
Coach Kim Frantz says: “Sophia is a defender – she’s a quiet player, but she just goes out there and does her job every day. She works hard to get the job done, to play tough defense. I’m super excited she’s playing college. That wasn’t on her radar initially, and she decided late in the game that she was going to play in college. She’s not a super vocal leader, but she just works really hard. She’s a workhorse.”
About Sophia:
Favorite food:
Favorite movie: Bohemian Rhapsody
Favorite artist: The Weekend

Emma Hurley – Holy Family University (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges: Holy Family, Kutztown, West Chester
Reasons for choosing Holy Family: “Definitely, part of it was the opportunity to play lacrosse, but I also love the location and it being super close to home. The first time I met with the coaches – it just felt right.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level? “I actually never thought I wanted to play in college. Up until my junior year, I thought basketball was my calling, but I had a pretty good lacrosse season junior year, and I really just started to fall in love with it with the help of my teammates and coaches.”
Coach Kim Frantz says: “Emma had well over 400 saves in three years because sophomore year was the COVID year, and she didn’t get to play. She was all-league first team this year. She had over 100 saves just this year with a team that had a winning record. Overall, she’s a leader, she’s a great kid. She’s just a good example.”
About Emma:
Favorite food:
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Favorite movie: Surf’s Up
Favorite music: Country/Zach Bryan

Riley Mullen – Immaculata University (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges:  Immaculata, Moravian, DeSales, Albright
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level? “Immaculata is super close to home, so I could always come back if I wanted to. The campus was beautiful – it made it feel like a second home. The coach made it feel like the place I could spend the next four years. It’s just really beautiful there.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level? “I wanted to play soccer for a while, but freshman year I made the varsity lacrosse team, and since playing on that team, I’ve decided that lacrosse is my favorite sport, and I really wanted to pursue doing that.”
Coach Kim Frantz says: “Riley’s season was cut very short this year because of an ACL tear. She was our number one defender going into the season, and when she tore her ACL, it left a huge hole. She helped some of the newer players who had to come in and fill that hole. She leads by example. She’s the voice on defense. She would have been my backer, so we had to switch that all up. She’s a great defender.”
About Riley:
Favorite food:
Italian Hoagie
Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite artist: Queen

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