Upper Moreland's Garofalo to Play Baseball at Northampton

On Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019, Upper Moreland senior Garrett Garofalo was recognized for committing to continue his baseball career at Northampton Community College. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link https://solsports.zenfolio.com/p569661535.



Garrett Garofalo – Northampton Community College (Baseball)


Major:  Business


Final list of colleges:  Northampton, Shenandoah, Hood


Reasons for choosing Northampton:  “I chose Northampton because they are one of the best JUCO Division III programs in the country, and coach (Adrian) Yaguez runs a great program. Going the JUCO route since I’m a young senior and just turned 17 gives me two years to develop and maximize my full potential.”


What was the progression that led you to playing baseball at the collegiate level?  “My dad has always been baseball, and baseball just runs in my family. Starting with t-ball and going through Upper Moreland and eventually to high school and meeting a club team called Pro Tech, they help high school players go through the college process and eventually go to the college they want to go to.”


Coach Dan Heiland says:  “Something that stands out about Garrett is definitely his work ethic. Being able to coach him in two sports the last couple of years – he’s been a member of the basketball team the last couple of seasons. He’s a guy from a basketball standpoint doesn’t get many minutes during the game, but he’s a kid that shows up every day. He wants to get better, and he wants his teammates to get better because he knows at the end of the day when he pushes them, the team and the program are better, and it rolls right over to baseball.

“He’s a guy that’s one of the first people to show up every day. He’s a leader, and he was voted a captain by his teammates this year. He would come from basketball practice to baseball workouts, and that’s not expected or thought about by a lot of guys. The fact that he’s doing that shows that baseball really means something to him, and he wants to build that chemistry with his teammates. Garrett is a third baseman, but he can really play anywhere in the infield. Last year was just a huge question mark for some people in the infield especially. We had guys playing positions for two or three years, and with guys like Garrett, I just wasn’t sure. I knew he had some abilities – down at jayvee he stood out. That’s why he got the opportunity, and he definitely made the most of his opportunity when it was given to him.

“At the end of his junior year, he was really showing the strides and progress that he was making and becoming the type of player to go to Northampton. He had a great summer, and I know he’s still working hard just to be ready. That’s the kind of kid he is. There’s no quit in him. Going into the season, we have big plans for the team and this program, and I know Garrett would have been a big part of that. Hopefully, we really get to see what falls into place for us. Not just Garrett and my seniors but all the programs – they really have put the work in, and for it to be cut short this way is super unfortunate.


Pro Tech Baseball coach Brian Good:  “What stood out about Garrett was his character. He has an infectious personality, and the longer I’m in the sport I realize how important that is in between your ears, and he’s got that figured out. He’s a big lefty - he’s a good baseball player. He swings the bat very well, he hits the ball hard, he has a very good approach in the batter’s box, and he’s got a good glove.”


About Garrett:

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds

Favorite music:  Rap



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