Upper Moreland's Garofalo & Powell to Play Collegiate Baseball

On Friday, April 1, 2022, Upper Moreland senior Stefano Garofalo and Kaleb Powell were recognized for committing to play baseball at the collegiate level.

Stefano Garofalo – Moravian College (Baseball)
Final list of colleges:  Moravian, Oberlin, College of Wooster
Reasons for choosing Moravian: “The team was really welcoming, they have a really nice campus, and the atmosphere of the school is really great. They’re a good competitive program, and I’m going to really grow as a player. I know I have a lot to contribute to the team and Moravian as well. Hopefully, I’ll get to the point where I want to be.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in baseball at the collegiate level? “I’ve always played baseball my entire life. I’ve always been a pitcher my entire life. I really started focusing on baseball going into my junior year – that’s when I really started to pick up, improve and make those big jumps. When I went on the college showcases, I really enjoyed those. I had fun with the people I played with at the college showcases, and I did well. That really gave me confidence to keep going and excel.”
Coach Jim Fasano says: “Stefano Garofalo is one of my favorite kids, a good human being and truly enjoyable to be around. He struggled in the beginning of the season but got better as the season progressed, culminating with a complete game win against Cheltenham. He’s a big body with a live arm who’s developing command of his secondary pitches. Moravian is getting a hard worker who loves to compete, and his best days are ahead of him.”
About Stefano:
Favorite food:
Crab Mac ‘n Cheese
Favorite TV show: Outer Banks
Favorite artist: Ernest

Kaleb Powell – Cairn University (Baseball)
Business Administration or Computer Science
Final list of colleges:  Cairn, Delaware Valley
Reasons for choosing Cairn:  “I was really looking for a school where I could play baseball, have fun and enjoy myself. I found Cairn a little bit more fitting because I have a religious background, and I know many people that go to Cairn, and they all say it’s an absolutely great experience there. I trust those people’s word.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in baseball at the collegiate level? “Actually, we were very, very lost in baseball as of two years ago until we found my club summer team, which is Rake Baseball Academy. They were just starting up their business. We were one of their first college showcase baseball teams, and they helped me connect with colleges and become successful. That’s ultimately how I found Cairn.”
Coach Jim Fasano says: “Kaleb Powell is a big bodied left-handed hitter who proved he can play multiple outfield positions and even pitch. A joy to be around, Kaleb also started slowly but by the end of the season hit over .300 and was the first team all-league DH, a much deserved honor. Kaleb has power and, like Stefano, is only getting better. Cairn is getting a focused, disciplined young man who shows power to all fields. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make an immediate impact at the next level.”
About Kaleb:
Favorite food:
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Favorite artist: Trippie Redd

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